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  1. Hello, I've recently purchased the new xg2405 144hz monitor(hdmi connection). I have an old nvidia 670 gigabyte that is ready to be changed with the new pc configuration but for now in Overwatch and other games I see the difference between my old Asus 60hz monitor. But..... Doing some test with both the monitor (60hz mode for both connected) I see the new monitor have some sort of stuttering while watching VIDEO on youtube/streaming/other sites , I can't explain exactly but movement in the old Asus look better, like smoother, in the new one it's like to see something that skipped some frames and aliasing effect. This effect also happens in 144hz. How can I fix this thing?
  2. I really wish some review or opinion about this new Panda monitor....I'm not totally convinced about the AOC 24g2 wide gamut and this viewsonic is around sRGB gamut
  3. and what do you think about the b450 pro carbon? It has the 1220 codec and is also for ryzen 3000 (bios or native)...I don't know if it will support 3600 mhz ram tough,,
  4. what is the best (and affordable) x570 for a 3600/3600x? I don't like to go with b450 tomahawk...I prefer a better audio codec and compatibility