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    nerdglider reacted to _ASSASSIN_ in NEW MOTO X AD   
    so cool
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    nerdglider got a reaction from Beskamir in NEW MOTO X AD   
    I don't know maybe most of you guys have already seen this but I thought it was cool

    and here's the article of the back changing colors right on the page
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    nerdglider reacted to Lil Chillbil in Whaler's 4P Folders Build Log (32 Cores and 24 Cores)   
    No one man should have all that power...
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    nerdglider reacted to warmon6 in Whaler's 4P Folders Build Log (32 Cores and 24 Cores)   
    Well, my question to you is, what home server would require that much raw cpu power?  ;) 
     At least in the normal situation that i would think of for a home server (File sharing, printer sharing, TV/Movie recording if a tv turner is connected), even my core i7 920 at stock is overkill for that kind of purpose.  
    Typically, if your running this much cpu power under the hood for personal usage, chances are, you have a very specific task in mind. Typically includes:
    Rendering (or could be apart of a render farm)
    Web server (might be overkill if your not running a popular web page.)
    Game server
    Those are about the only things I could see that someone would need cpu power.
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    nerdglider reacted to XiaoPigs in Whaler's 4P Folders Build Log (32 Cores and 24 Cores)   
    32 cores? What do you have? Dual Xeons?
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    nerdglider reacted to C4B12 in F4DE by C4B12   
    Thank you all! Im happy for all your nice comments. Come to Dreamhack and see it live!
    Or visit my homepage for more of my projects - www.minimalisticpc.com
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    nerdglider reacted to Scheer in Another Home Server Build   
    I was just messing around, that is just in there temporarily. 
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    nerdglider reacted to Spannerhands in $3500 PC, FX 9590   
    I had a H100i the first time I put in the FX heat monster... Standard clocks its coped at idle but would turn into a wind tunnel as soon as you do anything that puts a bit of load on the system... And no hope of an OC...
    So I did this

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    nerdglider reacted to Hanoverfist in [Build] Black Ice - Acrylic Tubing upgrade (Watercooled R4)   
    Great tube bends!!.. Evrything looks real clean.  Looks like you had some fun
    Putting this together.  Great work.
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    nerdglider got a reaction from Hanoverfist in Electric Orange [Completed with Final Photo's]   
    this has to be in this weeks build logs  great bended tube runs too!
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    nerdglider reacted to lochalpha in Nautilus Reactor   
    Hehe thanks
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    nerdglider reacted to big_lilo in Obi-Wan-Shinobi   
    Hahaha It's pretty awesome
    Thanks man Few changes are coming. I actually ended up putting all my fans on the fan controller but leaving both banks in there as they will be used for more lights and other things that need power
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    nerdglider reacted to eshbop in What Are Your Favorite Obsolete Componets / Computers   
    I absolutely loved IDE drives with their lovely looking ribbon cables...
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    nerdglider reacted to Rhotis in What Are Your Favorite Obsolete Componets / Computers   
    I have a sun ultra 1 that I have not used in years.  
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    nerdglider reacted to Dragontail in What Are Your Favorite Obsolete Componets / Computers   
    My still working Leadtek Ti4600, bought it when it was new, cost me a fortune only to realise my other system parts bottlenecked it like crazy xD
    Here a link with a review of it.
    // D-tail
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    nerdglider reacted to Maverik5124 in What Are Your Favorite Obsolete Componets / Computers   
    I love my 9800gt. My first proper (non onboard) graphics card :D
    btw it still works!
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    nerdglider reacted to Saan Koneri in What Are Your Favorite Obsolete Componets / Computers   
    Commodore 64 which i had when i was a kid and those big floppy games

    Look at the old EA logo B)
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    nerdglider reacted to T345 in What Are Your Favorite Obsolete Componets / Computers   
    I like the DFI Lanparty boards, I haven't had one, but it looks amazing
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    nerdglider reacted to star102 in What Are Your Favorite Obsolete Componets / Computers   
    My psu the 1200i from corsair it just looks so sweet :)
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    nerdglider reacted to Lukiose in What Are Your Favorite Obsolete Componets / Computers   
    Same! :D
    Got my first graphics card at 14 (I'm only 16 now but still..), 9500 GT and still working fine in the old rig! Gave me my first sights of smooth gameplay [integrated graphics, i am looking at you]
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    nerdglider reacted to Emkryan in What Are Your Favorite Obsolete Componets / Computers   
    MY 9400gt is still with me and working but it's my first graphics card so it stays
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    nerdglider reacted to _The_Petes in Obi-wan   
    "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...."
    Episode II: Obi-Wan

    The Starwars Saga is arguably the best sci-fi action drama to ever be seen on the big screen. To pay tribute to this epic story of adventure, discovery, love, darkness and triumph, i have chosen to make my first of many gaming builds with the Starwars theme titled "Obi-Wan". Obi-Wan is my first Intel and SFF build ever. The idea came from my first gaming rig tited "Vader" which utilized an AMD FX4100 on a Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 motherboard with an XFX 6870DD inside an all black modded HAF 912 with red 200mm CM fans. Vader was meant to grow into a power hungry monster only to fall short in the end. With Obi-Wan, i threw out the budget and pretty much bought what was needed within reason.
    Specs are as follows:
    CPU: Intel 3570K @4.2 Ghz
    Motherboard: MSI Z77IA-E53 Mini ITX
    Memory: Corsair Vengeance 2x4 GB White Low Profile 1600Mhz 1.3v
    PSU: Silverstone ST55F-G 550W, Silverstone PP05 short cable kit
    GPU: MSI GTX680 PE OC "Lightning"
    CPU Cooler: Corsair H60 2013 edition AIO w/ Corsair SP120 High Performance fans x2
    Storage: Seagate Momentus XT 750GB Hybrid Drive
    Case: Fractal Design Node 304
    Misc: Black, Yellow and Blue paracord for sleeving, Lamptron PSU connector tools, various splitters and connectors for fans
    I remembered in one of Linus' videos talking about the "big 3" hardware manufacturers and decided to go with MSI because of the color sceme and the fact that no one really uses the MSI mini ITX board. Im one of those people who will buy something that isnt exactly popular, prove it works just as well as the rest and hope others will take a chance on it too. Now ill be honest, the Bitfenix Prodigy is a nice looking case and maybe the next revision will make its way to my door step with a later build, but its just too big. Seeing as how this isnt a major water cooled PC, I couldnt see myself wasting all that space. The Node 304 is perfect with its simplistic design. The deletion of the front optical bay was pretty much the main reason why i ended up buying it. The CM Elite 120 was another option but the PSU mounting was just in the wrong place! Dont get me wrong, its a slick looking case and you cant go wrong with CM especially at its price point. The front mounted PSU in the Node was a huge plus and the Silverstone Strider 140mm PSU was a perfect choice for it. I mean, its fully modular, 80+ Gold and the perfect size for this case or any case for that matter.
    So, on to the build portion:


    I only needed the one HDD mount seeing as how im only using one HDD. If i felt like it, i could instal another HDD or SSD with no problem

    Board with Memory, CPU and H60 back plate installed



    Board installed, plenty of room

    PSU installed


    GREAT thermal paste

    H60 Installed, only a single fan at the moment. I wanted to test a single and then both fans

    This is to show the clearance between the bottom of the H60 and top of the I/O

    Maybe a little tight but doesnt look like it will be a problem

    Stock cables just to show how long they are

    Getting ready for sleeving (PP05 kit)

    Super strong and very easy to use. Great investment


    Used these colors before I made the GTX680 purchase. I was debating the 670 vs 680 and decided with the 680. Dont worry, the colors will change ;)

    That would be the 6870 that will be featured in the Vader build log that i will be doing after this one

    So this is the MSI GTX 680






    GPU Reactor PCB




    This is why i changed the colors. Blue and yellow match perfectly and the subtle, single wire contrast from the black makes them stand out perfectly


    Isnt complete without shots of the Blue LEDs right?





    So thats it for the Obi-Wan build. I know that there are a TON of pics and i hope everyones internet connection can handle it.
    I have to give a big shout out to the Linus Tech Tips crew for creating this forum and allowing us members to display our pride and joy. I have an earlier build log of this very build on a different site but was met with ridiculously rude behavior not only from forum members but also from the mods and admins. I was so excited for this forum and am very thankful for it. So thanks again for making this happen and thanks to all the forum members who are viewing this build as im sure you will have lots of wonderful things to say!
    Oh and one more thing.........
    Episode I: Vader

    ....To be continued

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    nerdglider reacted to kenny6 in Project Banana Phonez   
    I have not connected any front panel connections other then the power button as i never use them and would rather have the minimal amount of cables being shown inside the case

    During the build there was water leaking out around the pump, turns out that I forgot to put the o-ring back that sits between the pump and reservoir. no damage was done but it was definitely a scary moment.

    Total build time of the system took the entire day from 9AM to 3AM the next morning with 2 other people helping me along the way.

    Applejack is best pony

    A panorama picture that i took of the final setup