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  1. Thanks! This also works when an VPN is running?
  2. Hey, I would like to connect to a programm on my Pc which i can acces in my home Network over an specific port from anywhere in the World (Internet). The Programm doesn't Support UdPn but my VPN which is neccesary only supports UdPn(No manuall Port forwarding). Other VPN Providers which provide Port Forwarding are just not usable for exapmple PureVPN. I appreciate any Help Ngrok doesnt work because the programm sends to many requests. (Ngrok allows an maximum of 120 per minute with the most expensive plan. Programm: Sonarr OS: Windows 10
  3. Speedfan didn't recognized any fans, but if you say with some messing around you go it working i'll try that.
  4. Thanks for your Reply I'm using an Gigabyte GA-A320M-S2H and just like Levent i cant go below a certain value.
  5. Hey, Is it possible to set the fan curve of the CPU cooler Fan so it just start at a given Temperature x and isn't running below temperature x? My Bios doesnt have this setting. Is there any Software, that provides this feature? Reason: I'm running a AMD Ryzen 1300 at 35% of its Power Consumption (Underclocking) because i use it as a cheap Server so its mostly idling. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hey,I configured a DDNS for my Freenas which works fine when i'm in my home Network, but when im trying to acces it from outside of my home Network i get the Message:"Connecting to NAS... Make sure the NAS system is powered on and connected to the network."The Server is running and i can acces it fine from my home Network.I set Port 22 forwarding in my Router settings. Has someone an idea how to fix this?