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  1. My pc is currently running a nvidia rtx 2060. Some people says Aoc has adaptive sync but I dont know for sure or if it will make a huge impact. Picture quality is really important to me so I wanted to know which produces better color. Im currently using a dell s2216h ips monitor and was wondering (as both those monitors are using a 6bit+frc panel and 24bit colors) if the picture quality on those monitors are going to be worse than my current monitor. Help me out please.
  2. No I havn't. Ill have to buy a jumper cap for that.Butw is shorting the cmos safe?
  3. Have already tried that. It still faces the same issue.
  4. I have tried after unplugging everything (including the mouse and keyboard). By "card" do you mean the graphics card?
  5. It doesnt happen all the time. Happens sometimes during cold boot and everytime when I restart my pc. I dont think its a windows related issue as it loads for almost 4-5 minutes during the POST before loading windows. (During the time msi logo shows up with a loading icon at the bottom). My windows is installed on an ssd so it doesnt take more than half a minute when the issue dont show up. Any suggestions on fixing the issue?