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    i7 6700k 4.7GHZ Overclock
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    Maximus Hero VIII
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    64GB 2133MHZ
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    Gigabyte Windforce 2070 Super
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    1TB m.2 NVME, 2 2TB HDDs, 4 512gb SSDs Raid 0
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    EVGA 850W Gold
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    1 - 24" Acer 1080p 144hz, 1 - 27" Acer 1440p 144hz, 1 - Dell 27" Wide Aspect 60hz
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    Corsair H100i
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    Windows 10

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  1. i cracked it with your answer on doing all addressed in one object and i had to use our internal DNS Server. I didnt think about it to now, trying to get an internal page based on a name address not ip address, the DNS would have to be handled by the internal DNS server to resolve the ip.
  2. I suppose it could be, i will have to play around with it. The sonic wall has so many interconnected settings and my experience with it is very low so it might be the easiest way if i can figure it out. ADDED: So in my sonic wall i created an Address Object for the other firewall. Set it to LAN, HOST and set its address to I created an address object for the web site i need to go through that gateway as WAN, HOST, and its ip address. I then created a route policy that is set as: Source: any Destination: <website address object> Service: any Gateway: <other firewall address object> Interface: X0 (Second Faster WAN is on X1 and Lan is on X0. no other ports used) Metric: 5 (everything else is 20 so should take priority) Still wont route that page to the other WAN. I did a test one for a page that does load on both and then did a trace route to test if anything is causing the page to hop through the internal vpn through the corporate internet but it always routes through our own ISP. One of the big reasons we want to do this is not only because they block our email server but also a few other services we use but the vpn is a 2mbit connection and our own internet is 40 so we get some serious slow downs.
  3. To test, teamviewer.com is blocked on the primary firewall [] so i made a persistent route to the second firewall and its still going through the primary and showing blocked. I'm assuming because the DNS is being handled on the primary network? Either way i havent been able to forward a web page no matter what i try but i can forward other services.
  4. This is the one i got https://www.memoryexpress.com/Products/MX78224 I got lucky it was before black friday but another site had them on for $640 cdn and memex did their price match program and made out like a bandit. Plus had a 5% open box discount
  5. Too much and personally the overlaps and such could allow air pockets. Unless its a larger Ryzen chip, you only want a moderate sized drop in the center.
  6. The crap thing is, the game that locks up on the overclock saves only when you transition from one day to the next and likes to lock up near the end of the day so you lose all your progress. It just seemed strange that i can beat the hell out of it with a 950mhz memory and 104mhz core all day long, then i play this game that uses 50-60% gpu or Wreckfest that uses 80% and its a problem randomly. The difference in benchs like superposition or time spy is 1000 points, which seems like it would be pretty substantial in frame limited situations in games so it would o fbeen nice to have that stable in games as well. Stable i can only really set 700mhz memory and 75mhz The curve scan on afterburner only does 32mhz
  7. Just for shits and giggles, did you try to boot the system up into the bios screen and then do a save and reset then let windows load to see if it does it? I'm curious if its maybe something initializing late on initial boot.
  8. I tried static routing but it doesnt route web pages for some reason. If i were to set a static route for example to an ip that uses telnet it will re-route to the static route i set but if that same ip has a web server it doesnt take the static route, it just goes through the default gateway.
  9. What makes it lock up? Is it during gaming mostly? Is it mostly during heavy CPU usage? Will it do it under idle?
  10. Bit the bullet and reinstalled windows... no change. Does exactly the same thing, im thinking its more an issue with the unity game engine and optimization than it is with my hardware.
  11. I would love to hear a resolution to this, Wife's computer does it. I thought it was something she installed that is screwing things up. I wonder if it is Fast Boot. As i write this i think to myself that it only happens to her on an initial power up but never a reset.
  12. Is it normal to set an overclock that seems to be able to run all day long in Superposition and Timespy, but in some games lock up or crash? Seems strange that a card that is pegging 100% with an overclock rolls through fine but then in a game where it is using 50-60% it would be unstable.
  13. Here at work we were set up on a VPN through a head office. We arent a corporate store and need access to things they block. I have done custom routing on PCs that need email access to go through the second gateway but things like Cloudflare features fail when going through the VPN because they are likely blocking most ports. I have a proxy server set up on a second instance of Chrome but that is a pain in the butt if for some reason the proxy isnt running (its on a personal PC and might be turned off). There is certain pages we need to access through the VPN but we want to be able to access everything else through the second internet. So for instance we have 2 modems hooked to two seperate firewall/routers. The VPN is through a cisco which we have no access to and the second is through a sonicwall that we do have access to. I set the sonic wall to an address on the same network so that it is seen by all PCs. The VPN gateway is and the second gateway is set to I can forward things like email to the mail server no problem but then things like internet radio cant be run and teamviewer, dropbox/one drive/google drive have to be run through a proxy that is custom routed to go to on all the machines. Setting custom routes for webpages by address doesnt work, so say i set google.ca ip [] with a custom route through the second gateway, Chrome or Edge still send it through the VPN. If i set the machines gateway to the second internet i lose important pages that are served only on the VPN and cant get them to custom route either. Is it possible to send some pages to one gateway and all others to another at the machine level?
  14. Thanks for your attempts, i was always just assuming i needed a new CPU but now that there is likely a problem not just an under powered CPU, it points me in the right general direction.
  15. I thought it almost doubles the read/write on large files. I dont know if it helps much on small files though. I was under the impression SSDs saturate their connection and when you Raid 0 you give 2 paths for the information to travel, i honestly dont know much about it so that was just a guess when i did it. I did raid 0 primarily for the single drive with more space Since the project i work on has hard coded references to the C Drive and symlinks can be a bit of a pain with it.