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  1. Trying to arrange a power supply with 650W or more.. fingers crossed hopefully that will work. CPU core voltage of my 2700x is 1.45V which is higher than normal voltage range for cpus. I didn't overclocked the cpu. It was like that out of the box. I have changed the ryzen master settings to game profile where the cpu voltage is limited to 1V which reduces the random restarts, but still its getting restarted after 30-45 mins of gaming. Previously it was 5 mins of game play and it restarts automatically.
  2. @RageTester done memtest86 perfectly fine. Using antec vp550p psu. @Crunchy Dragon GPU around 60-70.
  3. My configuration:Ryzen 7 2700x,MSI B450M PRO VDH MAX,2xGSkill Ripjaws 8GB 2666 MHzZotac 1660 AmpWD green M.2 NVME,WD Blue 1TB,5xAntec Prizm ARGB Fan 120mmAll this running with Antec VP550P PSU. I have tried everything i found on google but it again restarts.. My mobo temp rises to 65⁰C and CPU to 60⁰C. Do i need to change the PSU or MOBO? Cause the tdp for 2700x is 105W and vrm on my mobo is not that great.Please suggest me what should I do. I am feeling helpless as i have made this build recently. Please help me guys.