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  1. Hey thanks! I just found a video from a japanese guy explaining why the AMD ATHLON SERIES are not compatible with NVME SSDs. Really weird thing, can't find a topic on the internet about it but apparently the combo only works with ASUS and ASROCK motherboards, with a few tweaks! He explains in detail but the translation goes mad, can barely decode what he says. He also records the CPU swap, tries a Ryzen 3000 series that reads the SSD flawlessly (he enables a function in the bios called 'CPU PCIe Lanes Unlocked' that is not available on my motherboard. I am now trying to figure out a way to make this work if not I guess I will have to change the motherboard or get a basic SATA SSD. - very interesting issue, link to the video:
  2. All good, I had to make the stickdrive bootable, in order to update the bios and ssd firmware. I got it working after all. Thanks for the tips!
  3. I see, the thing is I don't have a spare storage drive around, only if I unplug the one that's used in my main computer. I'll do that if that's the only way to get around this. Thanks!
  4. Hey! I have bought some components in order to build a cheap yet very silent office desktop. After assembling and checking over all the components in the bios I went to the next step of installing windows 10 from the USB Drive. After booting the stickdrive I get to the step where I have to choose the drive where I want to install the OS, there my NVME drive does not show up. After spending my entire evening reading on forums, watching tutorials etc. I found out I had to install a driver for the M2 drive 'OR' that I can maybe get away with a BIOS update. Said and done, got another USB drive, with the latest driver of the SSD, and latest BIOS version of the motherboard files. I feel like I'm writing too much but I can't update the BIOS, and I also cant install a firmware for the SSD (not sure where it installs tbh if that undected SSD is the only storage plugged). I have attached a few images in which it shows there is no driver found on the stick, except it is (see the screenshots). Also, the USB is formated as fat32, also tried as NTFS before. Components: Gigabyte A320M-H; AMD Athlon 3000G; Corsair VS350; ADATA SX6000 LITE; Viper Patriot 8GB RAM (also a passive CPU cooler from Arctic) Please anyone help me I'm quite desperate at this point. Thank you! [I have also attached screenshots of the available files from the memory stick]