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  1. Yes it is, motherboard is secured and all holes that can have a screw are screwed in, however there was a screw hole that was filled in with I guess what is a stand off perfectly matching the screw hole that was part of the case. PWRSW is connected in.
  2. All cables are definitely in, checked about a trillion times. Motherboard is not getting any light. There is a button on the psu that maybe is supposed to light up?
  3. Wall socket is definitely giving power, just tried with my phone. Every cable that I took pictures of are connected to the correct places on my power supply which is an 80+ gold 750watt asus rog strix
  4. I have the Corsair Crystal 570x. It didn’t come with HDD Led or Reset switch like it says in the manual, I’ve tried connecting the power sw cable in every possible way and placed it where the manual says it’s supposed to go.
  5. But the 2 pin power cable that came with the case, I don’t understand where on the panel I am going to put it in. The instructions say that the third one to the top is the one for power switch, but it’s only 1 pin
  6. I’m retarded and didn’t realize that there was something covering the graphics card, the piece of plastic.
  7. My ASUS RTX 2070 Super Dual OC either won’t fit in my motherboard or I’m doing something wrong. I have the ASUS Prime Z390P.
  8. I grad somewhere that the minimum requirements for RTX 2070 is a 650watt psu.
  9. I have all the computer parts lined up in front of me and I have spent way to much time debating on whether or not if I have messed up. specs; I7-8700k RTX 2070 Super dual oc. 16 GB DDR4 2666mhz ram Asus Z390-Prime Nzxt H710i Corsair H100 Platinum SE 860 EVO 1TB SSD (heres the nightmare) SF450 SFX 80+ Platinum rated PSU does my psu have enough juice tonpower the computer?