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  1. very inspiring i did it with a gtx 750 which was manufactured way after 2006.. also i live in Israel so i guess this eu restriction he was talking about apples on me anyway im gonna heat it up and vent it, go over it with a clean wet towel and go over it again with alcohol, thanks for help anyway
  2. okay then, thanks for the answer! i really appreciate it.
  3. i'm looking for something useful, and apparently you are not.
  4. so basically i watched this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Xanr4jkmEc i kinda missed the part where he said not to use a home oven and since i really didnt see any other warning i did it at my home, so now im afraid to use the oven. does anyone know of some kind of material that i can use to clean it? maybe even leave it hot with a door open to kill all the bacterias? or use 90% alcohol to clean it? i really dont know what to do and i dont really have the money right now to spend on another oven. thanks for the help.