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  1. Thanks mate, appreciate the time for your answers
  2. Yeah I’ve been leaning towards the monitor and SSD. Il also have a read up on the best settings to run as I haven’t really changed anything since buying the PC. Well as I said I don’t have a great deal of knowledge on the subject and I wanted to make sure I spend my money in the right areas. Thanks for your time mate appreciate it Btw I didn’t mean I’d go for both the GPU and CPU, I wasn’t sure if they seemed pretty balanced? or if I’m not getting the best out of one or the other..
  3. Hi Guys, I’m current looking to upgrade, Iv got a budget of £300 - £400. I don’t have a great deal of knowledge when it comes to my PC, so Ive been scouring the web and youtube for advice. So I’m currently running i5 8400, 24G Ram, GTX 1060, 1 TB HDD but I’m also playing on my old HD tv. I wanted to know whether il be better off spending my money on a CPU, GPU, or even an SSD and Monitor? Iv been looking at the i7 9700k, EVGA RTX 2060. Thanks for your time Jordan