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  1. thanks all, will have a play around :)
  2. Heyyyy! was wandering if anyone can help, I have amazing internet, virgin media 350mb package, I can get origin/ steam etc to download at 40Mbs but as soon as I start gaming at Same time the game take all the internet. And the download drop to like 2MBs. any reason/ solution would be grateful I have msi afterburner on and I have loads of cpu, gpu and ram available.
  3. I thought this would be the case ? Christmas is round the corner! ??????
  4. Would it be possible to use duet display on iPad Pro 11 and mirror my gaming pc. And be able to screen record the iPad and upload live game play? my gaming pc is mid range, runs most games on ultra / high 60 FPS but sucks when you record at the same time. can’t really afford another pc and elgato. or the other option is steam link, steam games and try record them? any ideas?