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  1. I upgraded from Integrated graphics to P106 100. (Got it for like 35$) And voila! I can game!
  2. First it's not some random page, this information is provided to you by Facebook, second as far as I understand, they didn't collected or uploaded your data, they used the data already available on Facebook to run ads.
  3. Oh great! Keep me updated with the progress.
  4. Yea i do have access to a cnc router and i already had wraps in mind and Im gonna get some el wires all thanks to you. My case is gonna be majestic. I'll update this thread once I start working on it.
  5. Go to disk management and see if they show up there You can use Windows search for that, just next to start menu
  6. Once you start making millions, you need to come back here and gift an equivalent rig to everyone who helped you build your money machine.
  7. I think someone had the same problem with their p106 on this very thread if i remember it correctly. You can check earlier Posts maybe you'll get lucky.
  8. Go with 3700X and you won't have to worry about any of that if you're willing to pay extra money which is justified imo. 3600x will give you couple of bucks in your pocket and "I should've gotten the 3700x" thoughts.
  9. Have you tried doing what he did step by step? I mean you can just follow what he does (which is hard) but that's your only hope. Can't verify or even test his method as I don't have the gpu. Or you can try google translate to translate what he's saying to better understand him.
  10. This might be possible, but I don't think if anyone tried to achieve the same on an AMD card.
  11. This one? Looks ugly as hell, I mean this is pretty basic (and easiest) way to "build" a case and the transparent acrylic just screams cheap. I'd outdo this without even thinking about it, given all the tools and variety of acrylic i can get my hands on. Also any design ideas are welcome.
  12. So I've been looking for a good case all over the Internet but good cases are expensive as hell and then it hit me, why not build one on my own? Well I don't know how, I do to some extent though, I mean I know my way around acrylics, I can get my hands on it, get it cut, mold, or whatever and however I want but is acrylic good for a case? And you can't just build a case entirely out of acrylic (well you can but that won't be good right?) and that's where I'm clueless. So any help regarding that and any other aspect will be highly appreciated. I'll start working on it as soon as I travel to work (after 6-7 days from now)
  13. Boot into BIOS and search for PCIe settings you might get lucky.
  14. I switch back and forth every now and then, it only takes some getting used to, a little harder if you own other devices of the same eco system. People just make it seem like a very big deal all thanks to over exaggerated videos and articles on the Internet.