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  1. Hello, I have a Creative Sound Blasterx g6 dac/amp and for now I’m enjoying them and pleased with my purchase. However, in the future if I want to get something more powerful, would it be possible to buy a separate amp like the schiit magni 3+ and use the g6 as an amp for it? Thanks
  2. Sorry, got a little mixed up, that was someone else who posted that link and asking about it in this thread for some reason. The link you posted is a 5700 XT yes. It looks to be just an upgraded cooler of the DD ultra to compensate for the extra power of the 5700 xt, looks pretty good.
  3. 30 mm isn’t something you can just “squeeze in” usually. As for XFX, I have the card you were looking at, the XFX RX 5700 DD Ultra. Definitely a good pickup in my opinion. $300 on Amazon brand new about 6 months ago, came with Borderlands 3, and they have this cool reviewer rewards program thing so if you leave a review after purchasing one if their products they give you a free $25 Amazon gift card. I flashed a 5700 XT bios onto it and it runs like a champ, albeit a little loud, but at that price for 5700 xt-like performance I’m not complaining.
  4. I play at 1080P high refresh rate but yeah it’s definitely more of a 1440p card especially if you flash it to a 5700 xt. At 1080p ultra settings a lot of games wont get the card running 100% usage. It will most likely play your games beautifully at 1440p 60 fps. What games will you be playing?
  5. Most the cards are out of stock and the only ones in stock are mostly being sold by scalpers for insane prices (as you saw with that rx 5700 being $550 instead of the $300 I got it for 7 months ago)
  6. I bought the card around december last year and looking at rx 5700/5700 xt stock and prices now it looks like a ton has changed
  7. I just looked on amazon and I guess it sells for $550 there because theyre not made anymore and random people are trying to sell them for more than the card’s worth ( check the product page on amazon, usually it says “sold and shipped by amazon” but in this case it probably says “sold by x company and fulfilled by amazon” because amazon doesnt have any in stock. I paid USD $300, $330 including tax. Besides being loud, never had an issue. But of course there’s a chance you could get a drfective card or something in your case
  8. I have the exact card in question, I flashed a 5700 XT bios onto it and it runs very well. Loud, but at the $300 I got it for brand new I really can’t complain (havent used it with its stock bios so it’s probably quieter on that). They dont sell it anymore because I think they replaced it with a triple dissipation model (dd stands for double dissipation, which has two fans and the newer triple dissipation has three). It’s a good card imo edit: looks like they dont sell the triple dissipation one anymore either besides the triple dissipation RX 5700 xt
  9. That’s the point of the video You can also hear all the fans... should he RMA them too?
  10. No, I gave it to my friend because I wanted to upgrade to an RX 5700, had no interest in selling it. It didn’t worsen, really never noticed it. Could be different for you obviously, just be wary in case yours does worsen
  11. My old Zotac gtx 1060 amp edition made a very similar noise. Worked fine for the 3 years I used it for. I just ignored it, I think youre fine
  12. I’m actually trying to find a PSU to put in a build for my friend and he doesn’t mind paying extra to get some things sooner, he really doesn’t wanna wait haha.