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  1. I think that solved it thanks
  2. Hey guys, I'm currently working on a "hidden workstation" where i use my laptop as a monitor and keyboard but all the processing runs over my hidden itx pc. I know that there are a few programs where you can use the laptop as a second monitor but is it also possible to use the keyboard and the connected mouse from the laptop?
  3. I'll try that as soon as i come home
  4. Nothing it just shuts down
  5. Hello, I recently finished my new build and it worked perfectly fine until i put it under load for longer times. I haven't teste this with other games jet but when I play forza for a while my Pc just shuts down. My cpu temps are fine (~40-45°C idle and ~65-70°C under load) but the gpu temps seem a bit too high for me (50-55°C idle and 80-90°C under load). One weird thing is that when monitoring with icue the cpu temps are about 10°C higher than with rzyen master BUT the gpu runs according to it at over 105°C than but that has to be an error within icue right? Other forums also suggest that it could be the powersuply but i use a RM750x from corsair which shouldn't be the problem. My guess is that it's eighter the gpu or MAYBE but only maybe the nvme boot drive which i've heared can run too hot and shut the pc down. Anyways I hope you guys can help me and thanks already in advance. My system: Ryzen 5 3600 CPU MSI Rx5700xt Mech GPU 32GB Corsair vengeance RAM RM750x Corsair PSU X570 TUF gaming Moherboard Adata XPG SX8200 Pro 256 Boot Drive WDS100T2B0B WD Blue 1TB