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  1. Hi, I'm starting a new thread because this is both a Medison and a Channel super fun post. So Linus said in the WAN show that he will not hire Madison just like that because there is no position and she have to interview. BUT, since the super fun channel is still not reviewed why not give her a chance there? Interview her, make a couple of super fun videos with her. If works out, everybody is happy, Madison is hired, and super fun is back. If not, then no harm done other that super fun stays quiet. Channel super fun really needs reviving. I've come to Linus's channels because of some random tech video 1 year ago, but I stayed and watched every videos since because of the super fun. I didn't cared too much about the gadgets, but the other videos gave me a more personal feeling to the crew, like a soap opera, I was curious what happens with the guys next. Honestly I had mixed feeling about Nick because sometimes he come off as a bully and I didnt like that, but he was charismatic and it gave the channels a certain push. Now that is where Madison can be a good fit I think. If we indeed saw her personality in My most painful PC Build and not just a script. Cheers, KG