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  1. so do you tink its safe to do so
  2. System: Rx 570 R5 2600 ASUS Prime B450M-K (Bios Version 0403) CORSAIR RAM 3000MHZ 1 TB HDD 128GB SSD(Where OS is) I was wondering how safe updating the bios is because I have crash-free on my motherboard but I am unable to find real information about how good it is when your bios is actually corrupted. Is it Worth it because people are saying with 2nd gen ryzen you should update your bios 100% but I don't know whether I should do it because I know if the power cuts out your mobo can get bricked and so I want to be 100% sure that if it does I can get my pc back to working condition with Asus crash-free bios. If anyone could help i would really appreciate it
  3. i have already tried a different mouse i have tryed a different mouse iam trying to download different sowftare now
  4. hi i have been experiencing masssive input delay on my pc -Rx 570(1244mhz/1750mhz) -Ryzen 5 2600(Stock Fan 3.4ghz 3000mhz) -128KingstonSSD(C:) -SeaGate 1TB HDD(E:) -Asus Prime B450M-Prime(Mobo) -Acer kg271 75hz 27'(Moniter) If you dont understand what i mean by input lag My mouse movement feels soo delayed it is throwing my aim off alot and is hurting my ingame performance its as if i move my mouse and then it gets displayed on my screen.I also use a g403(Mouse) i have a custom timer resolution(Intelligent StandbyListCleaner) on o.01 however My game still feels bad my freinds dont have it Btw I play Fortnite so if there was any fixes please inform me(I get 160FPS Average) -Things I have Tried: -Changed My Power Plan -Disabled HPET Changed Mouse Sens/DPI Used Different Mouse Updated to Lates Amd Driver Latest Windows 10 Version Changed Mouse Polling Rate Used Timer Resolution Reset Windows Uninstall Fortnite On SSD Instead of HDD(Its on my HDD Right now) -