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    Ballarat Australia


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    i7 3770k @ 4.5ghz
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    ASUS Z77 Sabertooth
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    16GB Corsair Vengance 1600
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    ROG GTX 1080 Strix
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    NZXT Phantom 410
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    Samsung 850 Pro 256
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    Evga Supernova 850w G2
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    3 x 23" Apple displays + HTC Vive + Oculus DK2
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    Kraken X61 (took a bit of work getting it in the 410)
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    Razor Black Widow Chroma
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    Razor Death Adder Chroma
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    Razor Kraken Pro 7.1 Chroma
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    Win 10 Pro 64

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  1. is the link on the original post up to date?
  2. this is for 2 web forms the first works perfecty the second doesnt
  3. private void webBrowser1_DocumentCompleted(object sender, WebBrowserDocumentCompletedEventArgs e) { try { doc = webBrowser1.Document; username = doc.GetElementById("Username"); password = doc.GetElementById("Password"); username1 = doc.GetElementById("_txtUsername"); password1 = doc.GetElementById("_txtPassword"); } theres this aswell
  4. HtmlDocument doc; HtmlElement username; HtmlElement password; HtmlElement username1; HtmlElement password1; and once the page has loaded and this function has been called Console.WriteLine("attempting to find tag id"); var U = users.FirstOrDefault(User => User.TagId == tag.ToString()); try { username.SetAttribute("value", "00" +Decrypt(U.UserId) + "@dahlsens"); password.SetAttribute("value", Decrypt(U.Pword)); username1.SetAttribute(" ","works!");// "00" + Decrypt(U.UserId) + "@dahlsens"); password1.SetAttribute("value","password");// Decrypt(U.Pword)); // sim.Keyboard.KeyPress(VirtualKeyCode.RETURN); } catch { } } im using the webbrowser in visual studio
  5. ' i get this error" HTMLElement does not contain a definition for 'value' "
  6. hey all im trying to auto fill this page https://ess.emplivecloud.com/ useing the setattribute("value","string"); but the elements looks like this <input name="_txtUsername" type="text" id="_txtUsername" style="width:150px;"> and <input name="_txtPassword" type="password" id="_txtPassword" style="width:150px;"> but as you can see "value" isnt there,what do i do to fill the text boxes in this situation. thanks in advance.
  7. Hey everyone I build my mate a budget 4k media player the specs are a gt 710 q8200 and 4gb of 1333. As far as specs this should be fine however the 4k files it will play are hit n miss (mostly miss) the i tested the same files on mine they all play no problem my specs are 3770k gtx 1080 and 16g @ 1866 so finally i tested them on the misses rig thats a i7 860 gtx 980 and 16g and that was hit and miss so im convinced the geforce 10 series will solve the problem with the new pure video decoder if you have a 1030 can you try the elysium sample from 4k samples.com and see if it works i dont want to tell him to buy the card unless im absolutely certain it will play all types of 4k encoding. Thanks in advance
  8. My vive arrived on friday so i was stoked to be able to play bridge crew but no one seems to be on so i was just wondering if any of you guys want to join me ive done the tutorial so i sorta know how to space ship my steam id is FAST_CHRIS2006 im keen if you are. Also is there any other VR games that you think are a must have. thanks again
  9. So i was just looking on google play theres one there where you acctually have to choke a chicken by pinching its neck this is not mine i havnt played it but it looks a little weird to me this is the cover art to mine
  10. Hey everyone I've finally finished my first app I've been meaning to put it up here for a while but I've been working flat out on another one if you wanted to check it out and give me feed back or if you have any advice for me as someone looking into developing for mobile that would be appreciated if you do give it a go don't take it too seriously its just meant to be a bit of fun and turn the volume up lol. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ChrisBrookes.ChokingTheChicken
  11. all sorted it was the ip the new dlink was assigned a new ip address so i did a mac address clone using the mac address of the old router and it was assigned the same ip as my old router and everything worked again im still a bit of a noob when it comes to routers
  12. So i recently upgraded my netgear wnr2000 router to the dlink 890L i was hosting an ark server on the old network i had 27015-27020 ports forwarded to the server tgat was on now on the new network ive done the same forwarding setting only changed thw local ip to the one given to the server i have also updated this address in the ark server manager but i still keep getting the message waiting for publication if anyone knows what to do in this situation your help will be much appreciated