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  1. Hello, Will be moving into a new dorm on campus in January. Been reading reviews online and they all say that the internet speed is less than 1 mbps even on ethernet. Is there any hotspot or data hotspot, besides on my phone, that is reliable that can be used with a desktop. Hoping for just about any solution. Thanks!
  2. I saw the Kraken G12 but it doesn't have rtx as supported cards yet
  3. Hello, Anyone know of any good AIO kits that are compatable with the ROG Strix OC?
  4. Hello guys, I built a pc a couple years ago and broke the pci e slot on my mobo a couple days ago. Was looking for another mobo thats an lga 1150 socket, z97 chipset, and has some space for a 2 slot gpu and 1x sound card for somewhere from 200-300$. I currently have a i7-4790k and a rtx 2070, with 16 gb of ddr3 ram. I looked on newegg and could only find a decent looking one for 285$ but the last 10 or so most recent reviews all say that it was doa. It was the MSI Gaming Z97 GAMING 5. any suggestions are appreciated.