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  1. I'm going to be upgrading to a Ryzen 5 3600, and currently have 16 GB DDR4 2400mhz. I was wondering if with my new upgrade, I should go for a 3200mhz kit or just leave my 2400mhz that I have now. Just to be clear, I am very tight on my budget and I'm less looking for nice-to-haves and more looking for need-to-haves, so if 3200mhz only gets me 2 more frames, I'm not too interested. I game at 1080p 144hz and do VR quite a bit on an Oculus Rift.
  2. Currently I'm running: i5 7600k GTX 1080 16GB 2400mhz DDR4 If you can't already tell, there is a bottleneck. So, I'm looking for a new CPU and probably motherboard. When I asked about a 1080 being good with my 7600k, people said I could live with it and then get a R5 3600 later down the line, but I'm very budget and questioning other options. With a R5 3600 going for about £140 including a cooler, I saw that a R7 2700 (Non X) goes for about £128. Is the R5 3600 worth the extra stretch? Also, I'm going to be replacing my RAM with 3200mhz and getting a B450 motherboard. Also, are there any better options for the same price than the 2700 or 3600? I play at 1080p with a 144hz monitor, and also do VR quite a bit. (With my 7600k VR has honestly been quite awful, with constant stutters and freezes)
  3. I recently upgraded to a GTX 1080, but I'm currently a bit bottlenecked with the i5-7600k I'm running. I was wondering what CPU I should buy, and considering that my budget isn't high seeming as I have to buy a new motherboard along side a new CPU I'm looking at more budget options. When choosing my 1080, people said to go for a R5 3600 and I was going to get a B450 motherboard with it, but are there any better options for the same price or cheaper?
  4. I am 100% going to upgrade to a 3600, but I am able to get a 2600x off a friend for nothing in the mean time. I should've been more clear in my message, but what I was asking is that with a 2600x would I see better performance than with my 7600k? Again, to clarify this is temporary whilst I wait for my 3600.
  5. Apologies I wasn't supposed to send it twice.
  6. Surely X570 isn't neccesary? I can get a 3600 for about £145 and a B450 board for about £50-£60. About £200 or $260 in your money. As a side question, is there a worthy CPU I could get on my current platform? Any save in money would be nice. Another point to add on is that I have access to a 2600x on a B450 board. Would that be as awful?
  7. Either one of those options is about as expensive as buying a 2700x and a B450. And as far as I know the 3600 is meant to be about as good as a 2700x whilst being more efficient and whatnot? And like I said in another reply, I'm on a tight budget which is why I ask is it really as bad as you say it is.
  8. I'm getting vastly different answers. I look online and one "bottleneck calculator" says I'm at 35% bottleneck whilst another says everything will work great, most forums when googling this say a 7600k should be fine and here some say a 7600k is fine and others say it will be absolutely horrible. Changing everything would be a huge pain in the arse especially with the cost of all of this. Is it actually that bad? I'm on a tight budget and I can deal with a little less FPS whilst I wait to get a better CPU.
  9. Hey, so I'm about to purchase a GTX 1080 and I'm wondering if my current specs will bottleneck my 1080. I'm currently running: i5-7600k (Willing to overclock) 16gb 2400mhz RAM 1080p 144hz Monitor If the 7600k isn't enough, please let me know what would be good to upgrade + if overclocking would make it adequate.
  10. Would an overclocked RTX 2060 be able to reach Vega 64 speeds though? Thanks a lot, yeah chances are the Vega would be too power hungry anyway but I'd just like to know.
  11. If you've seen my post about the 1080, please ignore it, it's hard to find a 1080 at a suitable price range. In my area, I can get a Vega 64 for £240 (perhaps less if I do some scavenging?) or a OC 2060 for £250 cheapest. I was wondering if the Vega 64 was worth going for over the 2060 as this seems a bit closer, and I've heard of the 64 being a bit lound and power hungry (though bear in mind this has 3 fans and seems to have a reasonably beefy colour) I currently run: i5-7600k 16GBs 2400mhz RAM 530w 80+ bronze PSU
  12. Yeah, is RTX even worth it right now? There are like 3 games that support it, one being minecraft where shaders exist, the other being battlefield where you'd want to be at least over 60fps which I don't think the 2060 can even do and then rise/shadow (I don't know which) of the tomb raider which is probably the only justified use case. And by the time RTX gets into full swing I'd be willing to bet a 2060 would be useless at anything at that point.
  13. I'm in the UK, £250 is an amazing price for a 1080. Everything else is £300+ which is about $400 or something like that. Cheapest RTX card used is £255, new £270.
  14. Very simple title. I've seen a 1080 for 250, cheaper than a 2060, and I'm wondering if I should opt for that over the more expensive but newer 2060. I run: i5 7600k 16GBs 2400mhz RAM
  15. Thanks a lot, yeah I agree with the Single Fan solution being a "Last Resort" and I do not need for the purpose. Plus you always gotta include the coolness factor of having 2 fans versus 1 : ) I'll most likely get the MSI card and, whether you alluded to this or not, I personally trust MSI over Palait. Again, thanks.