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  1. I will in about 2 hours and I'll throw in some pretty pictures of my results and trainwreck of a desk setup. I'm one of the lucky people who gets to work during a pandemic. I also built a PC for a friend who is running a RX580 and might be able to lend me his card today. Depends on how early I get out of here. I Also should include that with both cards once or twice I have gotten BSOD now. Thread Stuck in Driver which is supporting your case. But I did the whole DDU thing probably 10 times now (Everytime I switched from Adrenaline and CCC). Anyways, I will update with POST results soon. EDIT: @Vishera I really did not expect this but I'm running the RX 580 via old trusty DVI and I'm waiting for the driver to download. Not getting my hopes too high but this looks good. Just as a precaution I booted in Safe Mode with onboard and ran DDU for Intel, nVidia, and AMD as well as my sound driver as a sort of Hail Mary. I did a little digging around about WHQL drivers and opted for the non WHQL because it sounded like it being tied to specific hardware of OS install might just be a headache with no benefit. Is that the case? Installing driver now. Thanks for all the help so far. EDIT: Plot twist. Driver is installed. Windows is booting. Screen looks like this
  2. @Tedster the Phenom is running a SolyTech 650w and the 4790k is running a CX750 from Corsair. I'm fairly certain both 80+ bronze @Vishera Thanks for the quick reply! I ran DDU in Safe Mode. I should also include that the HD 6950 uses Catalyst Control Center while the RX 580 uses the current Adrenaline build (at least that's been my experienc) Is it bizarre I can't even boot into an OS with the card installed? I can DDU with the GTS 250 or I guess using onboard. Ive heard of running it more than once. Is that often the case? I'm going to keep trouble shooting on my old phenom II based system. Also brand new issue. Now I'm getting two vertical lines of white and black glitchy mess during POST with the 6950. I just switched to Havoc OS on my phone so I don't think I have all my relevant pics backed up. I can take new ones to clarify
  3. Solved but I have questions. Ill run through my troubleshooting process for anyone else cheap like me trying desperately to not buy new hardware since my next upgrade will have to replace everything anyway Intel i7 4790k ASRock Fatality z97 Killer rev 1.03 BIOS 2.20 AORUS RX 580 8GB (AMD) Corsair XMS 3 1333mhz Windows 10 / Ubuntu 19.04 So after playing a game my screen would go solid color usually green or gray and freeze. I could only force shut down by holding the power button like I'm smothering the last bit of life from it. I test out the GPU on another older Phenom II (system 2)based system and can't even boot into Windows. For reasons beyond me. Multiple Linux distros boot and play normally on both systems. I throw in an old HD 6950 and begin playing on my 4790k (system 1) normally. After a week I start getting the same freezing. Curiousity strikes and I retry the RX 580 and can't boot on either system and within days can't boot either system with the HD 6950. I put in an ancient GTS 250 in and DDU. Drivers are installed and I'm able to boot. I'll be buying a new GPU shortly but I'm waiting to see if this card will die. However the card is already like 10 years old so that wouldn't feel conclusive. Make sure when troubleshooting you test as much as possible because you may be testing a dead GPU with a dying GPU. But my question is: Can a motherboard "eat" GPUs? I've never had one die and the RX 580 is only a couple years old purchased new.