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  1. You were close with the country, I am from Italy but thanks for helping!
  2. I am from Italy so I cant buy from Newegg but you went really close to what I originally thought out before going out to ask on the forum because i wasnt sure i was getting all the value for my money but thanks!
  3. Ok so i have a 500 euros budget ( 550 dollars ) and want a new pc for gaming and, possibly, recording or streaming, I dont need a new case and storage because i already have that and i have keyboard and mouse. If you could leave some suggestions. My aim is to play 1080p 60fps. Thanks
  4. I have been hearing a lot about these new AirPods clone called UrbanPods. Before talking about my experience with them I'll share some of the marketing material: ALL DAY BATTERY Enjoy up to 3 hours of straight listening, uninterrupted. WIRELESS CHARGING Simply set them on a wireless pad and let them charge up. HIGH QUALITY High quality transducers produce the clearest sound. QUICK CONNECTION They connect with iPhone & Android devices seamlessly. LASTING CASE All day use, it can charge the UrbanPods 3 to 5 times. AFFORDABLE The most affordable, high quality pods to date. Ok let's go with my experience with them: First off, COLOUR They are NOT white like the AirPods, they are matte black and, in my opinion, they look even better than normal AirPods. EXPERIENCE The UrbanPods feel very good. I tried them for about 2 weeks switching between them and the AirPods. I need to say that the base at start wasnt very loud, but if you have a phone that supports Dolby Atmos ( I have a OPPO Reno ) you can modify how they sound in every way you like. Like I mentioned early they work on iPhone and Android so you can use them with every type of device ( In case you still have a Windows Phone, I think it's time to upgrade ) On iPhones they work just like the AirPods, even the pairing system is the same and they appear with the name "UrbanPods". They basically are cheaper and black AirPods. They have gestures similar to the AirPod ones. One other great feature they have is that if you remove one of them from your ears they stop the music/video that's playing. One downside is that they have a little bit of latency, not a lot to be annoying, but its there. ( If you charge the case and let the Pods recharge completly the latency is even less noticeble ) In conclusion, they are basically AirPods, but cheaper and black. They cost 50$/£/€ and you can buy them at their UK or ITALY shops. They take 7 to 11 days to show up with International delivery. (This is not a sponsored post, it is a post to help people buy the right accessories for they're liking)