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  1. Thanks for letting me know, I wasn't sure. Unfortunately I don't have a good camera and it will probably not capture the tearing. But I definitely see when turning the in game camera fast a distortion/ripple effect line running across the whole screen just like when having vsync turned off. And also the motion in general is very distracting as you mentioned, in all games. But in the case that I somehow mistake screen tearing for something else what is the line then and the other motion jitter that happens. It's very distracting, it's not normal and it happens in all the games that I've played. And I did this for the last couple of days trying to solve the issue but to no avail.
  2. EDIT: Removed video since it was captured internally. Sorry, I didn't know. With v-sync on from nvidia control panel games still have tearing. Fps in game is 60 the whole time. I've done/tried the following: only v-sync from in game uninstalled the graphics driver using ddu and installed the newest one adaptive v-sync and fast sync triple buffering capped the fps from 58 to 65 switching between windowed, borderless windowed and fullscreen alt tabbing and switching back to game reseating gpu Specs: GTX 1070 i7-9700K 16 GB RAM SSD 60hz 1080p monitor Windows 10 1909 I don't know what is happening. Please, I need your help. Any word on this would be great.