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  1. Hello guys , I have a problem with my computers fans , fan controller or whatever . let me explain : Just yesterday I have built my new computer , everything works fine with games temps etc i m facing a problem that drives me crazy with my case ( fractal design arc mini ) has a built in fan controller (up to 3 fans ) .I be been using it also with my previous build that I had in it , the controller has 3 indications 5-7-12 V and depending the V the fans run faster or slower but as an example when I have it on 12 and turn it back on 7 or 5 the monitor turn off the computer still runs but I cannot do anything to turn the monitor on it goes to power saving mode the same happened from 5-7 to higher 12 V but after a restart the computer works fine but when I’m turning again the fan controller higher or not the same problem appears . On the previous build didn’t have any problem at all I m desperate if someone had the same problem I would appreciate the help , I have tried everything..... unplugged them, tried different molex for the power of the connector tried one by one the fans on different 3pin connector still the same