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  1. Turns out there were 3 copies of the game on his PC, removing 2 did nothing but we did reinstall the original. We had some Memory Management BSODs but fixed those and honestly I'm thinking the last resort is reinstalling Windows.
  2. Alright, got a bit of an update. It seems to start killing itself when he starts playing Destiny 2, before that everything is fine, he was playing Terraria for about 5-6 hours and it didn't crash once. And as soon as Destiny 2 crashes it once after 5 mins of playing, the time it takes for it to crash is shorter and shorter. Replugged the RAM and it did nothing, thanks for the suggestion, though, keskparane.
  3. Hey there, I'm really writing this for a friend because he's extremely impatient and lazy to write out something like this, but anyway here's the problem. This is all happening on a month-old system with an RX 580, Ryzen 5 3200 and a 500W PSU. A week or 2 ago, his PC started crashing at random first after even short sessions on games and went to crashing even on things like Discord. Today, the problem has narrowed itself down to as small as crashing on the loading screen and the password screen, seems like the time it takes for the PC to crash is shorter every time. At first, our speculation was that it was due to some simple cable issues like loose connections etc, the usual stuff. We fixed that, the crashes continue, still on their trend of coming quicker than the last, these crashes are following some form of a Fibonacci sequence at this point. After that, another friend of ours pitched in and said it could be overheating issues which would cause the GPU to repeatedly shut down after reaching a certain temp. And so, as you do, we downloaded some temp monitoring programs and took a long, hard, educated look at the temperatures and found nothing out of the ordinary. He opens the case, the GPU feels like a radiator on full blast and then when he runs the PC his fans don't ever spin, even playing intense games. According to MSI Afterburner, it wouldn't even reach 50*C and it would just materialise out of existence. Next thing we tried was manually adjusting the fan speed and setting it to run at 60% at all times which seemed like it was producing results but, of course, as it's supposed to, it flopped. If anyone has any idea what could be causing this, any ideas would be appreciated and we'll be sure to try anything we can. Thanks in advance.