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  1. You can use MSI Afterburner to make a custom fan curve.
  2. The notches are suposed to be there Maybe your using the wrong power cable?
  3. Looks like a Ati Radeon HD 4770 so 512mb Also SCAM DO NOT BUY
  4. On my 3900x and a EKblock it also takes like 18sec for the temps to go down from 66c to 39c So it looks quite the same
  5. Get Magician Software and look what it says Maybe do a firmware update because i remember the 840 had a firmware bug that slowed it down over timer
  6. It coud also be that you run out of VRAM So hows your VRAM usage ingame ?
  7. For the RBG version you get 3x pre-installed D-RGB fans. If you want more you have to get them yourself
  8. If you already have the newest Bios installed your good to go.