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  1. Nothing, besides some internet browsing
  2. I am currently putting some files (around 5 GB) on a PNY 256GB 3.0 USB Thumb Drive. I don't know the exact specs on the thumb drive it self, but I am having an issue with the write speeds on it. Throughout the process the thumb drive's write speed will go up to around 80 mb/s one second and the next second it will go down to speeds as low as 5mb/s (or sometimes near or at 0mb/s) and then freeze for a few seconds only to rise back up to 80 mb/s for one second and will repeat the cycle. Could this be a software issue or just bad hardware? The picture attached shows the write speed graph.
  3. I currently have Dell G3 with an Intel I7-9750H, a GTX 1660TI, and 16 GB of RAM. I ran a cinebench run and the score was quiet low. I ran it again with control panel and a hardware info tab giving CPU temps, and saw that the processor was only running an average of 3 Ghz and was at 95 to 100 degrees Celcius. This is confusing to me seeing how my processor's max turbo frequency is 4.5 Ghz. Is it not reaching this speed because it's getting too hot, or is it some other config that I don't have set. (Also my power setting is set to high performance, Don't know if this helps)
  4. Hi, I currently have a DELL G3 15 laptop with a NVIDIA GTX 1660Ti and an Intel i7 9750H. I've been playing Destiny 2 on it recently with most settings set to high (some are just set one setting below the highest setting) and motion blur off. Within the first 2 minutes of me opening up the game, my fans start running at max speed, which leads me to believe that the GPU is already getting super hot. Should I be concerned about possible over heating or any other damage that I could cause on my computer? Any advice is appreciated, Thanks.