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  1. No as i said it has no name or manufacturer written on the box, but i bought it from large computer shop probably. I don't buy on shit sites. But as i said it is no big deal, i will discard it. I used it long time and never had problem. Maybe it is faulty...
  2. Yeah you have to be paranoid and look for issues, however if you don't know what issues may arise you don't know what to look for, sometimes even review won't tell anything, or it has all positive everywhere and it is still crap. I don't think it has usb cabel, which can be detached and replaced, but it wasn't that expensive, so it is not a big deal...
  3. Yeah it says made in china, but what not. No that it would be from some chinese scam site, but it wasn't that cheap like 30$, i don't know if it is cheap on usb adapter standards. It is just adapter after all. Anyway i rather no use it than, thanks for answer.
  4. Something really weird happened to me today, i used sata to usb 3 adapter to connect ssd to my computer by usb. When i turn this adapter on mouse and keyboard freezes and when i turned it off, my computer instant shutdown, never had this problem. I connected it via extension cable in which i have connected psu and all other devices. Don't know if could be cause by that but doubt it. I don't exactly know model, or even manufacturer of that adapter, there is nothing written on box and i don't have invoice and don't remember when i bought that. Anyone can shed light on this mystery, why it would cause computer shutdown, shouldn't usb have some protection, i don't see how that could do anything , but i am not expert on usb. Also google didn't find similar problem.
  5. Heh what do you know... My motherboard had faulty socket... So i decided to wait for 10 gen intel cpus. I already own corsair RM650x, i am 99% sure it will be compatible with new mobo and cpu. But what if something changes and it will require more cpu pins, or more mobo pins. I didn't find info about it, since it is not yet released. Should i return psu and buy new one when it comes out? I think i should do that, you never know, maybe something changes. I already have to return bunch of stuff so... EDIT: i returned it and will but new when i get new pc, my mobo was faulty so i returned it and wait for intel 10gen...
  6. Yeah it will be definitely bad socket, i was building my pc multiple times. And previously - although it required force, it shouldn't require that much, now it is completely stuck and i have feeling like it is even bending almost and i didn't moved it even to half... I will return it and wait for intel 10 gen cpus. EDIT: Ahahaha, it was broken, lever was poorly attached and didn't hold there. Also broken case. So lucky. I will let next pc have built, even i know how to do it, because problems like this, i had it from multiple shops, because they haven't everything in one, still they maybe built it i will ask. So i will buy everything as 10gen cpus come out...
  7. Yeah i just found it on wikipedia surprisingly. If i buy screw key unc 6-32 (imperial, 32 threads per inch), hope it will work. But i have feeling that it won't do anything, because i already used cutters to grab it and fasten it as much as possible and it still moved. Just hope it works, case i got is total garbage, silent base 801. Case feet wouldn't fit, while on it video guy just pushed and it instantly went in. It took me 30 minutes to mount feet, why using force... Ofc course i watched reviews, but from that you won't get informed about all problems which can arise... It is always something... Got garbage piece i guess. And in manual there was nothing about it... It would be hard to return, because feet not going out... And btw i can't even find that key on any site and i live in czech republic. As matter of fact i can't find it anywhere.. Guess i try to ask somewhere dunno... EDIT: They gave me some plastic thing that you can use to screw it, but still even i know how to build pc, i would rather pay to have it built. There are to many problems, which cannot be detected even from googling and watching reviews.
  8. I thought standoffs are all same size. But i already looked at manual and it wasn't there. I am not talking about screws ! And i don't have measuring device to measure them myself. I will look again, buti don't think it was there. EDIT: there is nothing about standoffs, because they are included with case, looked in case manual, btw which is not even manual, there is nothing and notthere is not specification of that. only picture and name haha. Useless as usual...
  9. Which screw key size is used for standoffs ? My case is idiotic, i had there already placed all standoffs, except one, which had no hole in it... Like wtf ? And i got with case one spare, so i had to use cutters to loosen it, because it is fastened so hard. And than i did same to fasten it. But it doesn't hold, when i screw it rotates with screw. Also i can't fully screw screw to the motherboard, it stop when screw is still 1-2 mm from motherboard. Had kinda same issue with previous mobo. If it would even help screw it with key, because i screw it with cutters and it wasn't possible to screw it more and it still wasn't holding.
  10. Yeah i know i did it with previous, but when i try to move it, i have feeling like its bending, or it is gonna break, while i know you have to flip it hard, now this is extreme. But i am sure i have right model, even on box and in mobo manual is it support 9 gen intel cpu and i have intel i5-9600k.. Should i force it than, because i am 99% sure, that pressing lever, shouldnt be that hard, it is really extreme..
  11. I have asrock z390 phantom gaming itx/ac and intel i5 9600k, while it supports intel cpu of 9gen and fit into socket perfectly. All lines up and triangle is in place where is triangle on socket. When i try to pull level, there is needed extreme amount of force right at the start. I did build my pc previously and tho it required a lot of force and made crunching sound. Now it is extreme i don't want even to continue, this is not normal and i checked and cpu sits in socket perfectly and even in manual is it supports 9 gen intel cpus so it can't be i have wrong cpu or mobo. What it could be i don't know. Please any idea ???
  12. Yea still, i have it correctly. Side where is description is out and i am pretty sure it can fit only one way, you can hear 4 clicks when it get in position. I cannot place motherboard there, force will move it back 1-2 mm, there is no way to place motherboard there otherwise. I had to break them all same as with my previous motherboard. I don't understand why they put them there, it is so stupid... Yea but there is to much empty space, which dust can get in. I broke them all and it fits perfectly, before i tried to bend them didn't help even a bit. And even if you forced mobo there, these iron things will instantly stick it back and i doubt mobo will fit, while these are in place in the first place. It is impossible... I don't understand why they doing this in the first place. These iron things are useless.. It is just dumb... Great my case had all standoff screwed already except one, that has nothing you can screw into. So i had to replace it and now it don't hold. How i am supposed to make it hold, i can't screw it that perfectly with hand and even with cutters i wasn't possible to screw it more, but when i started screwing mobo into standoffs, it started to move with screw. Geez, every other standoff it had already on place, except one i need had nothing i can screw into. GEEz so dumb..
  13. I can't install motherboard, because these iron things sticking out, i need to push it through io shield, but it pushes back and i still need 1-2 mm to the side, to screw screws. Why are these things there ??? I just broken them all when i got my previous pc. And same thing other people do, otherwise won't be able to install their motherboard. Geeeeeeeeeez...
  14. I got Silent Base 801, but case feet are to short and not fitting in. There is not a word about it in manual. I didn't see it in any video or article. If someone got this case, how did you mount feet ? I wrote to support, but god knows how long it can take.
  15. Which cpu, i5 8600 is pretty solid and they have it only for 242$ currently. I don't want amd, intel is better for gaming and i need overclock it and i will overclock it to 5ghz at least. I checked and it should be enough for geforce 2070. Yeah i am using like 500, 1000 is to sensitive.