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  1. Well looked closer to how I had it configured, due to how my water lines run I have a hard to getting to my RAM slots. I'm ashamed to admit they were in wrong slots. Moved over and works perfect. Thanks everyone for the ideas. I would never of looked at slot had someone not suggested.
  2. Yeah they are in right slots. And yeah tried running higher the 3200mhz. No boot no matter what. Tried volt changes from early post. No change
  3. Took block off and I must have a newer one. Thos stand offs aren't even there.
  4. Doesn't seem to wanna boot with those setting applied. Should I of left the DOCP setting enabled?
  5. alright yeah if you get into BFV and don't see anything odd its probably not that. I just don't think its windows if it happens in bios and before windows boots. my opinion.
  6. Can you get into a game at all? I had same problem with one of the early 2080ti cards that had bad memory chips. and did that but in windows was fine but in games i got serious artifacting. This might not be the same issue but the only time i've seen that is with the bad 2080ti. just an idea, it might not help.
  7. That to me looks like a GPU issue.Just an idea where to look.
  8. i'm away from it atm. I will try when i get a chance pretty sure i tried that already though or something similar. but ill sanity check when I can.
  9. Specs: Asus ROG Crosshair VII Hero (x470) Ryzen 9 3900x G.SKILL Trident Z Neo (For AMD Ryzen) 32GB 3600mhz https://www.newegg.com/g-skill-32gb-288-pin-ddr4-sdram/p/N82E16820232861?Description=gskill neo&cm_re=gskill_neo-_-20-232-861-_-Product I can apply the the DOCP and get the timings right but anything over 3200mhz i cant post. I've made sure I have latest BIOS installed. My RAM kit is on the 3000 series compatibility chart. I've tried to adjust voltages and timing manually and just can't seem to get it to boot at 3600mhz. My theory is that because it is an x470 chipset that im just waiting for the right BIOS update. Any ideas?
  10. Thanks. That would make sense. I'll try it when I get a chance!
  11. But if thermals go down in temp, shouldn't the auto overclock boost higher?
  12. Auto oc, any overclock I apply crashes when I load into a game. Even small overclocks.
  13. Yep, power and thermal limits are maxed.
  14. I have a 2080 ti strix card on water. Started out haveing a small thermal issue were it was sitting in low 80 degrees and would only hit about 1935 mhz, and would not take any overclock at all. I've since fixed the thermal issue and it sitting in the mid 50 degrees now and it actually performs worse around 1905 mhz and still no overclock will work. I am using MSI afterburner and have power and thermal limits set to max. The block is installed correctly as far as I know. Any Ideas?