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  1. I currently have a NAS running on AMD A10-6800k apu, MSI FM2-A85XA-G43 motherboard (it has 8 sata ports), 8GB DDR3 1866 ram, and Windows server 2016. It has 7 2TB drives and a sata SSD. I know this is in no way ideal but this is what I have after 8/9 years of adding stuff and retiring stuff. The CPU I believe is a 100watt TDP and consumes a lot. I use it for plex, streaming at home and away, torrenting, storing photos and tv shows and movies. I want to upgrade the server and perhaps windows server 2019. I was thinking of Ryzen 2700 since it is cheap, 65watt TDP, here in Bangladesh. I recently ordered a used LSI HBA in JBOD mode, which requires a PCIE 2.0 x8 slot and a nvme SSD. But if I go for the Ryzen 2700, I'd need a gpu of some sort that would occupy the top x16 slot. I do not understand PCIE lanes at all. So I was wondering if anyone could tell me which motherboard I should choose or if I should rethink the CPU. I live in Bangladesh and there are limited options for getting stuff here. Basically this and this are the only decent stores from which I can buy a motherboard. Thanks in advance.