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  1. Thank you a lot for this response! To be honest I just recently got back into PC stuff and I didn't even know about the existence of UHD Graphics 620. I have checked some comparison between it and HD 4000 and it seems far better and you said that 200GE is even better than that graphics-wise so this explains a lot about my confusion with this video. I thought that there was something wrong with my hardware or windows but now I am calm and I know that everything will be fine once I get a GPU and that I got a decent processor. Thanks again!
  2. I will certainly do that next month. Thank you for the advice! Would you care to explain to me how the process between the Integrated Graphics and the RAM works and why it would help? Is it because the Integrated GPU uses the RAM as a "vRam" because it doesn't have it's own like a normal GPU does? Regards, Georgi
  3. Hello guys, Recently I have started building a low budget PC for Vegas, Premiere, Photoshop and League of Legends. I have started with an old office mini tower pre-build by Lenovo M92p (Bought for around 150$). I have moved all of the parts to a new full tower case and added a lot of 120mm 1200 RPM fans (changed thermal paste, added a big ass CPU air cooler (not using the intel stock one), cleaned everything, bought a powerful 600W 80+ Platinum PSU and all of the needed connectors like a 24 pin to 12 pin cable from the PSU to the Motherboard since it is not a standard one). I also opened up an old laptop and got out the Samsung Evo 860 SSD (250 GB) and used it for Windows 10 Pro boot while using a standard 1 TB WD Black HDD for my files. The CPU is i7 3770 with a 8 GB DDR3 1600 MHz Ram by TeamGroup. Within the next months I will be adding a new standard Motherboard and one more stick of 8GB of the same Ram (Making it 16GB). Sadly I don’t know when I will be able to add the GTX 980 GPU and for now I will be using the Intel HD Graphics 4000 Integrated GPU. So my question is regarding the FPS in League of Legends (which is a more CPU intensive game than GPU). I feel like I am getting a pretty bad performance. It is around 60-75 FPS at start (45 in TFT) while spiking really bad in some teamfights (depending on different champion AOE effects). Sometimes it drops to even 30-40 which is unplayable and I play semi-competitively so it is a big problem. I am using the following settings: Champion models – Medium Environment – Low Effects – Very Low Shadows – Off Launcher – Low Spec Mode (With no animations, sounds and it turns itself off while in game). Effects like screen flash on damage and things like HUD and HealthBar animations are all turned off. Resolution is 1920 x 1080 with an 80 FPS Cap in Full Screen Mode (not windowed). The Game Bar and “Game Mode” in Windows 10 are turned off. Cortana is turned off. Background apps are turned off. Every useless feature and app on Windows is removed. I am only using transparency and animations in the windows themes. No app except Spotify is running while I am playing. It feels pretty upsurd to me since I have watched some people on YouTube test the game with a similar setup and they get 60-80 FPS in high settings… Also for example in this Linus video: They are getting around 90 FPS in the first build with an AMD Athlon 200GE processor and no GPU and as far as I know it is a far worse CPU than i7 3770. As I mentioned I am using Windows 10 Pro – Updated to the latest version and all of my Drivers are also up to date. My CPU temps are around 25 degrees (Celsius) in idle and up to maximum of 60 degrees while playing (which seems pretty normal). Ram speeds and capacity is correctly working also. The only thing I haven’t done so far is flash my BIOS to the latest version (but I highly doubt that this has anything to do with the situation). The PC itself is working fantastically so far. My system boots for around 1-2 seconds. Vegas and Photoshop are running super smooth (If I haven’t added a lot of transitions and blur effects). CPU, RAM and HDD are all running at around 1-3% while windows is IDLE so this is very confusing for me. Maybe this has something to with how badly League is optimized and it seems like it runs differently on every PC with a random logic. Do you guys have any ideas or advice. Would really appreciate it. (Also if you have any ideas for the Build it would be great!) Thanks in advance, Georgi