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  1. I figured that thank you, if I was connecting it to my Mobo through the 5v addressable header, would I not need the molex cable? Secondly, I built a friend's pc today with him and we could get the rgb fans on and spinning with them connected directly to the power supply however the remote that came with it would not work. Is this a case of it not being in the Mobo directly or just a faulty remote?
  2. Why dangerous with the 580 may I ask?
  3. Okay so I built my pc today and the case includes a power and reset button. Strangely enough, to boot the pc I have the press both, reset then power to actually turn the pc on. Once its on it works fine but is this normal and if not what may have i done wrong? Fragz
  4. Okay so I got the case and instead of the addressable 5v header I connected it via molex to the psu. It seems to be working fine but are there any disadvantages to not having it directly into the Mobo? Fragz
  5. In fact, the 580 is what i'm starting my first build with before the end of the year!
  6. Also for a more accurate perspective look up 580 benchmarks on Youtube. Better yet, see if any include your CPU specifically for a more reliable expectation.
  7. I think a 580 is probably your best bet for value. At the end of the day, it depends what your going to be playing. Overwatch? I've seen plenty of benchmarks with budget cpus like the 2600x crack a solid 100fps on ultra settings. Siege? You'll get your desired 75hz. As long as your looking to stay at 1080p and not playing the most demanding of titles at max settings, the 580 will be a great card for you and certainly be worth the money.
  8. not pc part picker sorry, user benchmarks.
  9. Is the Sabrent Rocket NVMe PCIe Gen 3 M.2 2280 256gb SSD compatible with the Gigabyte auros b450 elite board as Pc Part Picker claims it is not yet I can't identify the reason. The incompatibility notice also has "(beta)" beside so is this just a bug on their end? Many thanks, Fragz.
  10. Thank you immensely. Very informative and has cleared up the confusion for me.
  11. Yeah I will look into the new releases when they come out but that sounds like it's worth saving up for. If that's true then that's crazy as the 2070 is a good £100 more expensive that the 5700xt. Amd truly are on top of the budget to mid-range cpu/gpu game.
  12. Just under 400 so a bit out of my range but I'll consider it when it comes to it
  13. Thanks for the confirmation. I'm looking to play at moderate to high settings, but sacrificing a few settings for better performance won't kill me. I'll have it upgraded before 2020 is out anyways. Speaking of which, what sort of 250-300 pound care would you recommend the upgrade too. 1660ti? 1060? 2060? What do you think?