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    LTT's resident Clavia Nord enthusiast

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    Music, technology and gaming
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    Love playing music and just about everything Elder Scrolls. Chances are I'm playing a TES game, writing/playing music, over at /r/teslore or possibly lurking here.

    I also have a real problem with gear lust, especially with musical instruments. I can't afford any of them but I really have to convince myself I don't need x keyboard because y keyboard already does that.
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    Full-time student


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    AsRock 970 Extreme4
  • RAM
    1x8GB Corsair XMS3 1600MHz C11
  • GPU
    Asus GTX660 Direct CUII
  • Case
    Zalman Z11 Plus
  • Storage
    256GB MX100; 500GB Hitachi Deathstar; 1TB WD Green
  • PSU
    Corsair CX600M
  • Display(s)
    Acer H236HLbjmd & HP w19ev
  • Cooling
    Dark Rock 3
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K95 (original)
  • Mouse
    Corsair M95
  • Sound
    Onboard - gave my sound card away :( but I have a Blue Snowball in Neon Blue :D
  • Operating System
    Windows 7; Arch Linux
  1. I'd have to compare the displays in person to see if it was going to be an issue but ultimately if I'm choosing between the two it would come down to pricing at the time of purchase. I'm used to a 15" laptop but for reading music off of in tablet mode and general carrying around 13" seems like it would be better for me.
  2. I had a look and the Inspiron seems good but the battery life has been mentioned as 'about average' and I saw one report that the touchscreen wasn't alway accurate. The yoga seems really good but I was trying to figure out the differences between the 520 and 720 and whether they were worth the extra money. So far it seems the 720 is thinner, has a bigger battery and a slightly different port configuration
  3. I'll have a look at both - it's somewhere to start, right? And I'm okay with using a dongle because it's pretty much for using my K95 and if I want to do firmware updates or patch changes on my Nord, that sort of thing. I wouldn't really need it out and about or in lectures.
  4. Hey so I'm going off to uni (college for you US and Canadian folk) next year and thought in the meantime I would look around at laptops since my current one might not make it through. I'm gonna be studying music so a 2in1 or convertible laptop seems a good solution - I'm thinking being able to have pdfs of sheet music on there to read off of and to be able to annotate easily and such. It doesn't need to have the best keyboard as I'll likely take my K95 to use in my room but it does need to at least have a standard layout and be good enough to take notes on. I don't really have a set budget but I definitely won't be able to save up £2k or whatever so under £800 would be preferable. What I'm looking for: Decent battery life (doesn't have to be all day but more than 3/4 hours of light to medium use would be great) At least 13" screen; 15" preferable Either detachable or 360° flippable screen 3 USB type A ports (or a high bandwidth port to run a USB dock) HDMI port optional but useful Capable of medium-use multitasking (think several chrome tabs whilst streaming video/music, running notation software like Sibelius and maybe even a DAW like Cubase or FL Studio) Any experience with using any devices suggested would be great too. Thanks in advance!
  5. I like being able to afford food. But seriously, it's expensive if you're under 25 and getting a first car. I'm looking to be a musician (aka broke :lol:) and ideally need lots of room to fit keyboards, amps, stands etc. in the car for gigs. The car I'm getting won't manage that. Then again I don't have much gear right now because being broke is fun...
  6. You can thank gender profiling and stereotyping for that I know my mum has though. I'm not sure the extent of her car knowledge, but she does at least know enough to help out if my dad's doing maintenance on it or if she needs to check something (water level, oil levels etc.)
  7. In the small/first car market they're quite common, and that sort of car is a good comparison to a much more expensive sports or enthusiast-type car. This is going quite off topic, but a 1L 3-cylinder is really cheap to insure and to run
  8. Maybe a better example would be a V8 and a straight 3-cylinder. Something like a small Toyota
  9. We still have a P4 system downstairs - it's technically my parents' though they don't really use it anymore since they can manage most stuff on their phones and my dad's tablet and if they do need a PC it's easier to use my sister's which shares its monitor with the P4. Also it's an old Gateway and either the HDD or mobo are failing because it sometimes hangs at the mobo splash or refuses to boot altogether. Might see if I can acquire it for some 'testing' someday - it's stock at 3.2GHz and has HT. There's another two P4s around that are stock at 2.8GHz and don't have HT. Might persuade them to do a swap so I can have some fun with it. Missed out on that era of overclocking fun
  10. I switched from DVI to HDMI for two reasons: my DVI cable was way to bulky and we had a spare HDMI so it meant I could push my monitor further back against the wall and give me more room, and it meant my sister could have the DVI cable for her second monitor to stop the weird lines and flickering she was getting from interference over VGA. I'm still stuck with good old VGA on my secondary since it's not the model with DVI support
  11. The UK government seems to think 25mb/s is 'superfast' and plans for 90% to have it by 2017. Prices vary, but still, 25meg and 2017. And upload will probably be half that. Gigabit for $30 sounds great why not both? It's legal depending on where you are. Not really suggesting it; if you stopped there was probably a good reason
  12. Literally me with anyone who's non-techie. Or non-musical (explaining reasoning behind the various synths, stage pianos and effects units I want/need - they're required for certain things). What's worse is when Cubase crashes from the amount of tracks and plugins (it's a runtime error) and we're told by our music tech assistant teacher (who's a great pianists and pretty good producer) it's our fault for having too many effects when we don't even have that many. Apparently it's nothing to do with the computers. At least not the clients. All issues are either our fault or because the storage server is at the other side of the school. The storage in the music department is slower to access than the main storage over in the IT department (probably bandwidth and switch-related) and we really need gigabit+ everywhere along with computers powerful enough to handle 10 tracks and more than 5 effects in a single project.
  13. Yup, there goes my hopes of surviving on AM3/FX970 in hopes of a CPU upgrade...guess Broadwell or Skylake will be my next port of call. From the sounds of things either go for the G3258 if it'll run the games you want to play and then upgrade to an i5 later down the line, or grab an 860K and be prepared for a mobo + CPU upgrade in the future (and possibly RAM as well depending on how far down the line)
  14. Just noticed this today - our school has put Radeon 5450s in all of the computers in the IT department. Previously they ran on integrated graphics from the Pentiums inside (not sure which gen, but graphics were around HD2000 or HD3000). Either way the 5450s are about the same as HD3000 graphics and cost £30 each. That's somewhere between £600 and £900 for one room. Not to mention that the monitors are VGA only 1280x1024 so it's not like they upgraded to a digital connector standard or anything. Literal waste of money. On the plus side the music department is meant to be getting new computers. Originally iMacs (CoreAudio and Logic are better than ASIO on top of Windows' audio stack and then Cubase) but now probably just 'beefier' Windows machines. The new guy will want something decent since he said our department looks like his 5 years ago (and I agree), but the technicians and our head of Ex Arts (a drama teacher) will probably curbstomp us and we'll end up with slightly faster Pentiums and 2GB RAM to replace the old Core 2 Duos and 2GB RAM. Really we need decent i3s or basic i5s and 4GB. And 1080p monitors for the hell of it. They're currently 1050p janky resolution. 16:10 though which is quite nice for Cubase considering the vertical real estate needed.
  15. K95 RGB It's really good. The best thing I can say about it is there's ridiculous potential for crazy lighting stuff if programming all the things is your jam and typing on decent switches is literally the best feeling. Having only had proper experience with blacks and reds I can say browns fantastic - I'd like blues but I think they'd be too loud, considering I still bottom these out and that is probably enough noise at the speed I type). Also I only dropped 10wpm when switching from my K520 to this. It's a solid keyboard and honestly worth it if you can get a good deal. I got mine shipped from the US for £120 (compared to UK prices where a K70 non-RGB is £110 and a K95 RGB is £160-180), with customs import of £34 and it's one of the best purchasing decisions I've ever made. If only I had a TK or 60% to use at school.....