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  1. So I can get a free sync monitor and it will work with nvidia gpu?
  2. So I am deciding between the RTX 2060 or the 5700. The RTX has tay tracing of course and it is about $30 cheaper but would require me to get a more expensive monitor with g sync. The 5700 is slightly better, but it more expensive,no ray tracing, but it also comes with a game and free 3 month Xbox game pass, and the 5700 would also allow me to get a cheaper monitor because free sync is just inherently cheaper. Thanks
  3. Thank you. Would I not message Asrock to see if they could just update bios for me? I’ve never heard of a boot kit.
  4. So I’m looking for a good motherboard for the Ryzen 3600. I was looking at the Newegg Black Friday deals and they had the Asrock b450 steel legend for $70. I was wondering if this would be good for over clocking or should I just go for something with bios flashback like the b450 tomohawk? Thanks