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  1. My laptop has an hdmi, and she doesn't really know alot about computers, so she'll be like why you need another computer? you have one already
  2. I want to get a tower, but I'm not sure if my mom will let me get a pc moniter, if I can't, then how do I connect the tower to the laptop? Tried asking google but still confused, do I need a crossover cble or something? please help
  3. ok, I believe the reason why the cheap stuff appeared was because I used the wrong model number, my bad.
  4. that's one long gif, what anime is that from
  5. yeah, so after reading the comments, and when I search the name it didn't show up. what do I look for? There's model, SN#, and ProdID, which one do I put in, or should I type them all?
  6. I went online to buy ram for my hp LAPTOP-CH6QG LB8, and some of them were $3 or less! Is this a scam or real?
  7. Ok, so I'm going to return it, any get a better laptop, and recommendations on what I should get?