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  1. I guess I will getr the IPS one then but apparently it's sold out everywhere in the UK until January so I'm gonna have to wait
  2. I already saw the IPS monitor you are mentioning but it has a 6 bit panel whereas the one I mentioned has a 8 bit panel and this is why I'd rather buy this one. I assume the manufacturer tried to cut corners to make the IPS monitor cheap
  3. Why is this only good for casual gaming? Could you please explain?
  4. I am going to order this tomorrow so please let me know if this is a good monitor! https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07DTN4BM8 https://eu.aoc.com/en/gaming-monitors/c24g1
  5. My current one is at 65 brightness. I never played with the settings which is probably dumb of me since it costed £700 back then. I assume the brightness doesn't matter then.
  6. Would you say that buying a TN panel is a stupid thing to do? Are there any TN monitors that actually are good? I am trying to choose but it is really difficult. People say that IPS is the best but then I also saw reviews that linked a VA monitor and said that it is better than the IPS they are reviewing. How can I decide what the best 1080p 144Hz monitor is?
  7. I am buying a new monitor and want to make sure my new monitor is "better" than my current one. My current one has 350cd/m2 but the one I am looking at has 250cd/m2. I don't know anything about monitors but am I correct to assume that the monitor I am looking at is considered "worse" than the one I have right now?
  8. i thought youre british sorry. what about this one? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BHQD1S7
  9. doesnt this fit your criteria very well? https://www.overclockers.co.uk/lg-24gl600f-b-24-1920x1080-tn-144hz-1ms-freesync-widescreen-led-gaming-monitor-mo-154-lg.html 1080p 1 ms, 144hz and with freesync £140
  10. It honestly sounds a lot like you just need to get a life. You seem to do it because you get bored and putting computers together excites you. Try to get a hobby and try to force a minimalist mindset on yourself not buying further parts or upgrades unless you have a good reason. For example if your PC hits the Hz cap of your monitor you should not upgrade anymore.
  11. According to your review they are praising the VA counterpart of the monitor I linked. So basically they're saying that the VA monitor is better than the IPS one bcause it had better constrasts? So is this better then? https://www.cclonline.com/product/aoc-c24g1-curved-gaming-monitor-23-6-inch-1920-x-1080-full-hd-va-panel-amd-freesync-144hz-black-c24g1/?siteID=8BacdVP0GFs-ZY8pfNDWsLS0N41qdo1EBw
  12. Please comment on the monitor I linked in my last post. What I am finding is that the monitor I linked is one of the only ones that have a IPS panel, 1080p, 1ms reaction time and 144Hz. Why? Why are major companies like ASUS not making them if it is possible? It makes me feel like I am making a mistake by wanting to buy it.
  13. Many of the speakers in your list guys have high watt. What does watt do in speakers? Do all good speakers have a lot of watt?
  14. I know this is probably a dumb question. I want to buy speakers for my computer soon. Is tehre a specification I can check to see whether a speaker system is good or bad quality..?
  15. Okay guys so what I am understanding now is that depending on my Hz requirements IPS is always better. I see that the IPS with the most Hz is 165 so I am assuming that if I wanted 240Hz I have no choice but to go with TN. I am happy with 144Hz so I assume I should therefore buy IPS. This one has 1ms reaction time so from what I understand this monitor should have the best of all worlds as long I am happy with it being 1080p and 144Hz? https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07Y3RYLVH I want to buy a good monitor with good colours and whatever but I am not sure how to distinguish them. Can someone tell me if the one I linked is good and if there is a stat I can check to see if it has good colours and so on?