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  1. so the second case or the third one? cause they both have mesh and the third one is a mAtx case and not atx
  2. i want to buy the cheapest case with 2 or more built in fans (cause im cheap... judge me , i do too...) and i saw the following: Antec nx210 with 4 f**in built in fans (1 behind and 3 front but no more, which is ok cause... 4 you know) and psu at top so its another "exhaust" fan but the weird thing is, it has an acrylic front panel so incoming air? lol anyways, the is the link: https://antec.com/product/case/nx210.php its for 46.65 usd and what kind of connections are for the fans? 4 pin? 3 pin? molex? cause i dont see and i dont know what is the standard another case is: Antec GX202 https://antec.com/product/case/gx202.php it has 3 fans (bah...) and its for the same price but it also has a mesh front which is a lot more sense which one is better do you think? the later is taller and has more depth which is worse cause i already have a mAtx mobo so its over kill one more possibility is: Cougar mg110 https://cougargaming.com/products/cases2/mg110/ its 40.22 usd but than it means i need to buy a third party case fan and i have NO idea how to even begin searching for it... (if you think this is the better choice than please help me with the case fan) edit: with the connection type, i ask cause i want it to connect to the mobo directly and not to the psu cause i heard its not controllable like this
  3. thx, another small question: if i have 2 options between ram sticks, same speed, same CL, same capacity, is there a difference between them if they are from different companies? im thinking about either Teamgroup t-force vulcan z 16 gb 3000mhz or patriot viper steel 16 gb 3000mhz, and both are 2x8gb
  4. im really confused right now, cause i checked like 500 parts across all the various parts needed to build a desktop so far for my new build (im on a pretty tight budget so im trying to get the most out of what i have and still get compatibility) so what do you better than me builders think: asrock b450m pro4 for $75 GIGABYTE B450M DS3H for $60 is there an inherent thing that the first one is better? or i should save those $15? the first thing i saw was that the first one had usb type c, and the other one i didnt see in, but maybe there is that i didnt see another thing i saw was that the first one had 6 over all fan connections (can i connect a chassis fan to a cpu cooler fan which isnt occupied?) one thing that i can see on the gigabyte that i dont see on the asrock, is that it supprots ryzen gen 3, so thats a plus if i dont want to do a bios update over all i can see the specs of the asrock mobo more clearly than the gigabyte so maybe i dont see the specs there are, but from what i see, the asrock is WAYY better. do you agree? or do you think otherwise?
  5. the prob is im not and the shipping costs are just too high, like i searched for a sapphire rx 570 which costed about 150 and the shipping were about 60... for what? its less than a football volume for crying out loud
  6. its not, the first one is used with a lot of 4 and 5 stars, but 3 or 4 1 stars, which isnt a lot but should see them the second one is open box "like new condition" the third one is the weirdest with "lightly used adult owned" open box
  7. it looks odd but not enough to obviously be a scam: MSI Radeon rx 580 armor 8g oc for $156.6 XFX Radeon rx 580 GTS XXX edition 8G for $159 on ebay VS PowerColor red dragon Radeon rx AXRX 570 OC for just about $160 on amazon i mean, i do want to upgrade at the same cost (waiting is not a problem for me) but it looks too good to be true, especially when on amazon the rx 580 is around the $205
  8. i have a micro atx mobo... what do you think is better? Cougar mg110-window? (with more slots for 2.5'' and is mini tower and with cable management holes but with only one rear fan pre installed and 3 fans optional at the front and the top, the psu is installed on the base of the case) or Cougar mx200 (with only 1 2.5'' slot, is a mid tower, with only 2 holes for cables top and bot but with 2 pre installed fans (rear and front) and with 2 side windows optional fans, the psu is installed at the top of the case) mg110 costs about $3 more my real decision is between 2 pre installed fans vs all the rest that the first is better
  9. thx, honestly i too think its a lot more aesthetic than the other 2, idk why but its just... clean(?)
  10. 4GBD5-3DHD/OC (red dragon) 100412P4GOCL (can also oc) (sapphire) GV-RX570GAMING-4GD (doesnt say if can oc) (gigabyte)
  11. i know everyone says that different companies with the same core gpu will work the same, but in www.versus.com i have a prob between 3 cards: powercolor red dragon radeon rx 570 4 gb gigabyte radeon rx 570 4 gb sapphire radeon rx 570 4 gb now they are almost identical (i mean, all of them are in the range of $168.14 +- $0.5) which one do you like more? or is it purely based on what's prettier? another thing to think about is that "red dragon" is from amazon (which we all know and love) and the others are from newegg (which i never bought from and i dont really know how it operates and all of that) so its another thing to think about
  12. something just came to my mind, if I build my own pc, I don't get windows os with it like I get with a computer I buy complete from store, how do I do that?
  13. also, should I buy case fans? cause it comes with 2 im quite sure
  14. honestly for now im waiting for Syber Mondey/Black Friday to buy them when the prices drop a bit for the holidays