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  1. Correct but thats what i thought but it turns out its all of them
  2. I had 4 ram slots 2 ram for the 4 i had the ram was not next to each other bc of duel channel so idk what caused the other ones to fail
  3. I had my motherboard for a couple of months all of a sudden all ram slots dead is this possible and what happen
  4. At this moment I have no GPU and just running on a APU would it be good to overclock my system Gigabyte B450 arous M AMD Ryzen 3 2200G 21GB's of ram 750 watt power supply
  5. I saw that the VIP tickets were sold out will they ever be back in stock or will I have to go for the other tickets
  6. Ik there a form for ity but some people said they might not have it this year
  7. Is there going to be a ltx 2020 if so when will it be
  8. If you think I’m trolling I’m not there’s so many cases idk what to choose
  9. Ik I can go online and choose be there’s so many idk what to get. Here is what I’m working with
  10. I bought this mobo and I need to find a case that will fit it GIGABYTE B450 AORUS M
  11. I’m very sorry for what I did...I didn’t know it was against the rules I just wanted to have some friends on discord
  12. Hello my name is Jayson Myers and I was wondering if a white power supply is worth it...I asked in discord but I’m getting mixed signals so I would like to ask you linus if it’s a good power supply since you have been building computer for years now...I hope you see this and I love your videos