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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm using NTLite to strip out Win 10 LTSC-2019 (Version 1809) & I'm trying to identify which KB updates belong to the OS that's being work on. I'm using Microsoft Catalog to get the updates but doesn't provide information. I know that KB446445 belongs to my version of LTSC because it was included. What I don't know is which version of KB updates below belongs to it. Please any help you can provide would be a huge help. KB Updates: 4494174 4551853 4552924 4552930 Thanks & Stay Safe
  2. Windows Version: Win 10 LTSC 2019 ver 1809 (supported until Jan 2029) After multiple successful installs of Win10, I'm been tempted to buy a NTLite license to remove more components such as "Retail Demo" and many more packages that are included it with Win10. A license cost about $43 USD. I've used WinToolKIt & MSMG but both of them causes my version windows to break. I've heard WDS might be good alternative to NTLite. Is buying a NTLite license worth it, or an alternative tool to NTLite? Thanks, Dexterous Fox
  3. Thanks. The Dolby audio thing seems to be just program similar to PulseAudio. I only want the sound output to be the same when playing videos, audio, etc. In my experience, Wine seems to do a good enough job to run windows programs. Hopefully, that works well enough to keep some Lenovo features.
  4. Hello All, I just got a Lenovo IdeaPad 5 earlier this week (spec sheet link embedded in product name). The goal is to use Arch Linux without losing performance, driver support, dolby audio, & keep some of Lenovo features such as the quick battery profile switcher. Currently, I'm running on Win10 Home & actively preparing to install an edited Win10 2019 LTSC until I figure out how to setup the drivers needed for Arch. I have experience with Manjaro, Linux Mint, Ubuntu, & very little with Arch. In the past, I've usually go back to Windows because it was a OS I grow up using daily. Anyways, I'm ready to make Linux my main OS & I've heard Manjaro is releasing Ryzen laptops. Maybe that could be an option. I could use any information you may help to obtain the drivers needed to support the Ideapad 5 hardware. Thank You & take care, Dexterous Fox
  5. I don't know exactly where this would fall under exactly. So. Due to the nature of this topic. I need to limit the amount of information I give to you guys because I'm doing this for my love ones. The best I could describe their problem is a "Hollywood hacker" event. Goals: Is there a device/software that can detect a Wifi Blocking device/software? If so, can i identify the serial number or use like a metal detector to find the source of the problem? Without a direct line to the router, is there a method to prevent the Wifi blocker/software from interrupting the wifi signal? I'm aware that I could use a raspberry pi to monitor websites remotely but I'm trying to do more than just see the list of websites visited. I just started finding information today but I could use as much information as you guys can provide because I'm pretty sure I'm facing peeps doing everything they can to find loop holes in the system.
  6. Hi, I'm running Window 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB Version 1607 (Build 14393.3326) & have been running it for a couple of years. Recently, I've obtained a copy of Win 10 Enterprise 2019 LTSC. In October 2021, Microsoft ends their Mainstream support & begins their Extended support until 2026. Besides the obvious mainstream support, I don't see a benefit for upgrading to 2019 edition. What benefits, mainstream support excluded, does Windows 10 LTSC 2019 have that Win 10 2016 LTSB does not? For your reference, I've summary key benefits 2016 LTSB compare to standard Win 10 No Bloatware No force updates & only receive them after the standard Win 10 bugs have worked out Security updates between LTSB to Standard are 1:1 (subjective) Games run just as smooth as the standard Win 10 including mods for games.