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  1. I understand. Well maybe Rockstar should invest some servers lol because of the new players etc., anyways, thanks for you help!
  2. True true and maybe also that many millions of ppl downloaded GTA V in the last week so probably servers can't handle too many players? Not sure
  3. OK i understand, but you didn't answer my question, why is the GPU usage and clock speed so low? even if Online is intensive af
  4. Yea true that, how to i change it to "Invite Only"? I forgot where it is, i've seen it somewhere but don't know where it is. I think it's before entering GTA Online?
  5. Hello everyone, first of all, English is not my mother tongue so i hope you understand what i say. For the past 3 days, i've been playing GTA V Online and i've noticed that in Online, the game barely hits 60 FPS, it's in the range of 30-50, whereas in Story Mode, it easily hits 60FPS and sometimes 65 with a few drops to 40 and back up to 60. I always use MSI Afterburner while in-game for temps, usages etc. and i see most of the times, my GPU does not hit 80% usage in Online, i see that it runs around 35% usage and about 1200MHz clock speed, i've see it couple of times run at 75-90% at 1823MHz (which that's where the GPU should be at all times) but the majority of times it's 35% usage and 1200MHz clock speed. Now in Story Mode it runs quite smoothly, the perfomance in Story is nowhere near as Online. Most of my settings are Normal, and like 2-3 settings High but nothing too crazy. Also i've never seen in Story Mode my GPU usage and clock speed as Online (35% and 1200MHz), maybe it's because there are too many players playing? or something else. It's something with GTA V Online for sure. Thank you Specs: • Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-P55M-UD2 • CPU - Intel Core I5-750 2.80ghz • Graphics Card - Gigabyte GTX 1050 TI Windforce 4GB (Not OC'ed) • RAM - Corsair 12GB DDR3 1333mhz • SSD - Samsung SSD 860 EVO 500GB
  6. I know dude, i know, i know quite a lot about computers but if i had the money, i wouldn't be asking anything lol
  7. As i said, the last time i replaced the thermal paste, it was around 3-4 years but yea, it would make a difference
  8. Facts facts, do know how many many degrees will it drop down by replacing the thermal paste? Looking at some articles, it says around 5c
  9. Yea i know, here in Greece, one thermal paste that i bought 5 years ago is called "Arctic Silver 5 3.5gr" for 10 euros, i may buy it again
  10. I could also use Geforce experience and choose the optimal settings from there
  11. True that, but money is an issue with the coronavirus going around, so idk when i'll replace my stock cooler. I've cleaned my PC from dust 2 days ago, and the paste i haven't really changed, the last time i changed it was 3 years ago, i should change it
  12. In the normal settings i get about 65 FPS if i remember correctly. Where is the "recommended settings"? i've seen it before but not remember where it is exactly. Thanks for your reply though