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  1. Sorry, was just trying to break it down so as not to get into the weeds with unrelated stuff... Will do a "general build" post if needed.
  2. Should I go 2 sticks of 32Gb or 4 sticks of 16Gb? Ryzen 9 3900 on a B450 Steel legend, if it matters... Thanks!
  3. Looking for a smaller FAST and RELIABLE boot drive SSD and a larger "mass storage" SSD for media. I don't do "heavy" computing so I wont be loading heaps of stuff on the boot drive as far as programs so I'm thinking 256 or 512 is enough there. For the media drive, thinking a couple of 1Tb units. Last I knew, the Samsung 900 series were tops but that may have changed as things move so quickly...
  4. B450 Steel Legend MB, Ryzen 9 3900 minimum 32gb, prefer 64gb.... What the best balance of speed, quality, and value?
  5. Thanks. Just in "case" it's relevant, my case is a Thermaltake Level 20 VT...
  6. Ok, I've been out of building computers for quite awhile and have fallen behind in several areas! When I made a PC last "Gold" was the top tier PSU...Now I see "Platinum" and "Titanium"... Which is the "top" in term of stability and efficiency? Building a Ryzen 9 3900 series on a B450 Steel Legend MB, undecided on GPU at this time. Want to run 64Gb of ram and a couple SSDs. Several fans with some LEDs. Thinking, from what I've read, that 650 watts should be more than adequate. Thoughts? Any good deals on a top quality PSU?