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  1. Beautiful PFP you got there

  2. It's a placeholder for now The setup won't be purchased for a while yet, so there's probably going to be a better model that's at the same price in the future.
  3. Saving up for this setup Can't decide which to go for, a 144hz 2560*1440p monitor or a 100hz 3440*1440p monitor The latter is cheaper, by the way.
  4. Are there any websites that you could recommend for me to use to do this?
  5. Where did you get your money? I live in a small village that refuses to hire people under 18.
  6. Back on September 20th, it was time for the raid on Area 51 and it was also my birthday. For my birthday, I had the choice between a Switch and a £900 PC. Now, anybody with 2 brain cells would have went for the PC, but my 7-yo sister begged for the Switch, and me being the good brother that I am, I chose that, but I swapped laptops with my sister ( her's is better and I am using it to write this ) . Now, my 7-yo sister completely ditched the Switch and only uses what used to be my laptop to play Roblox and talk to people on WhatsApp. We no longer have the money to buy that £900 PC, nor do I wish to sell the Switch as its monetary value probably isn't worth what it's worth gaming-wise for me. Now, I am saving up for Christmas, but I'm not sure what to do with the Christmas money and the money leading up to it. Should I buy a Benq EW3270U monitor for my laptop/Xbox/Switch? (my current monitor is an 11 year old Acer H243HX that my dad used to use, and it only has one HDMI port that doesn't support HDMI splitters @ 1080p) Should I save up for a PC, bearing in mind that it'll take me ages to save up for one, and if this monitor breaks, I'll have to get a new one? Should I upgrade this laptop? (bearing in mind that this laptop is already not the best as it is, nor is it flexible/modular) Should I just say 'fuck it' and spend the money on more Xbox games? The laptop that I currently own is an MSI GL72 7QF. The rig that I want to set up is hyperlinked here and everywhere else that mentions "£900 PC". I intend to use the PC as a replacement for the Xbox, and for a reliable machine to do coding on, as I have started coding. The coding contracting/making money won't be for a while as I am just about to finish my first course and I'll have to do loads more in order to properly function in the market, considering that nobody will hire an inexperienced 14-yo. Also, considering that AMD is lining up to beat Intel in 2020, should I go AMD or Intel?