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  1. Thank you so much this worked! The front headphone jack still doesn’t seem to work however, but the rear does. Do you know how to fix that too?
  2. Hi, after trying to install Realtek’s High Definition Audio Driver for my new motherboard (MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX) and restarting my computer, I noticed the driver doesn’t show up in device manager. This also means I can’t hear my computer’s sound through my headphones. Any idea as to why Realtek High Definition Audio Device driver doesn’t want to install? Thanks
  3. Will the 5700XT really benefit me though? I mean here where I live the price of a 1060 6gb and 5700xt are really close to each other and I never had any problems with my gpu (maybe I forgot to add that as a note)
  4. Hi everyone, Soon I want to upgrade my pc, because right now I feel like the parts are getting a little bit outdated and slow. The games I play are Rainbow 6 siege, Battlefield 5, Need for Speed and Minecraft (only modded). I also want to stream some of the games sometimes on twitch. I have 2 1080p monitors which I don’t plan on upgrading, one is 144hz and the other 60. I also don’t want to switch case. And I want to upgrade to DDR4 My budget for upgrading is €700 max (can go a bit above only if it’s like really worth it). I live in the Netherlands (EU) so prices can be a bit higher here than in US. My current pc