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  1. The board states its a uATX board so I presume any small formfactor PSU *should* fit, I hope. The small cards heating was something I was concerned with.. and adding a new case and fans would essentially be just building a whole new PC which was what i was hoping to avoid.
  2. Will definitely need a new PSU, the current one is only 180W
  3. Well, I went with the 460 for its small size, according to the info I found it's 6.7 inches long and the Mobo is supposedly 8.1x8.7 so would something like an rx580 fit?
  4. 1. Budget & Location Under $220 Manatee County, FL 2. Aim Gaming on medium / Low settings getting out of integrated graphics territory, run things like GTA V at a good solid 60FPS+ The goal is to have a minor upgrade that will hopefully expand the amount of games I can run and increase FPS in my current games. Ideally a system that could run Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 but I don't think its specs are out for me to base off yet. 3. Monitors One, 1920x1080 4. Peripherals None required. 5. Why are you upgrading? taken integrated graphics as far as they can go. ------------------------------- Current system: Whole system Motherboard ------------------------------- I was thinking about getting the Radeon RX 460 here with an upgraded power supply but I just wanted to run it by you experts and verify the form factors, cables, compatibility etc, since it's not a custom build, more of a upgrade of a stock system... This is a first time upgrade so hopefully I've not missed the mark too much here. Am definitely open to any changes/suggestions, cooling is another thing that worries me but hoping the cards dedicated cooling will suffice as the case doesn't have fan slots and praying the CPU wont be too much of a bottle neck here?