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  1. I have all my settings lowered and still experiencing stops and freezes and drops in my frames. Have ethernet and pc is good.
  2. I was hoping to spend anywhere from maybe $400 to $800. My modern warfare has huge tendencies to get overloaded and crash even when I run low settings. Im hoping for better graphical preformance and ram usage
  3. Intel i5 6600k 3.5ghz Asus TUF LGA1151 DDR4 ATX MD Sabertooth Z170 mark 1 Asus Geforce 6GB Dual Fan OC Edition Samsung 850 pro Samsing 860 pro Noctua NH-D15 Premium CPU Cooler Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4 DRAM 3200mhz
  4. So, I have decently old pc that I built when I was in hs. I was looking to do some upgrades. Should I keep my same ole mb and upgrade my graphics card and ram? or should I try to find a newer version of my mb and rock the same older components? My graphics card is currently a geforce 1060 gtx.
  5. dylanA917

    New Mouse

    I currently have the mamba razer mouse but, I feel its holding me back in terms of gaining some serious improvement using a mice. I saw that weightless mice seem to be becoming very popular for gaming? Im intrigued to know how that feels essentially. Would you need to alter your dpi and in game settings to adjust to the weightless mouse? or would it still be relatively easy to adapt to
  6. Did you guys think the trailer for the battle royale on Modern Warfare looks any different from any other BR? I heard they increased the player size, but it essentially looks just like last year cod's br
  7. If you have it, do you think the game possesses longevity?
  8. If any of you have played the new star wars, can you tell me how it is? I heard it had a sort of Dark Souls type style, but I just wanted to learn a little more before purchasing
  9. So I tend to drop frames only when I play Ground War? Every other mode my frames seem to stay extremely consistent. Any tips to possible help? Or should I just attribute this to being unfixable?
  10. I have a tiny tendency to bang and slam my fist down on my desk a few times. Can't wait until I make the mistake and use my controller
  11. Can anyone explain to me why I constantly play this game when it makes me very unhappy