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  1. so I went into my bois and turned on numa split mode think this make t s that they share numa nodes
  2. do you have any tips on how to fix this without getting a new system altogether?
  3. lol well thanks for the help perhaps there is a way to get the possessors to function as one not sure why rainbow six would not have support for this considering google crome does but who knows mabye there is a way to get them to act as one
  4. no I have 1666 and 32gbs of it, it sucks to know that my processors are what is holding back my pc. what it I turned off hyper threading do you think it would help or hurt?
  5. that is unfortunate, I wonder if the card is off because of that I have never had bottle necking problems, also I have 8 cores they are both quad cores @3.46ghz
  6. welp that is unfortunate they still score 3216 on cinebench r20 and I was hopeing they would have enough kick to do the job
  7. I am playing siege in vulkan and the results are the same and with a 780 I could hit 144 fps where as useing .8gb of vram I can not go above 120fps
  8. and the results are the same when siege is running in vulkan
  9. I think siege is only useing one of the possessors not both because the usage is around 58% and when I turn the quality to epic on siege the gpu usage is at 100%
  10. Hi I bought a gtx 1080 ti the other day and everything looked good the card is authentic and produces a display with the 1080 ti display driver off of nvidias website but when I launch userbenchmark it is running in the 9th percentile I also went to play a simple game for the card rainbow six siege and it would not go over 120fps and would dip down to 90 sometimes on lowest settings and for all other settings it stayed almost the same, I looked at my gpu usage and it was hovering around 50-60 percent if anyone knows how to fix this please help my specs: gtx 1080 ti X2 intel xeon X5677 (water cooled) msi optix g24c
  11. man black is not the problem when I was overclocking my 780 my screen went beige! lol a simple shut down fixed it though hmmm I probably should not have set the oveclock to plut 1500mhz and plus 1000mhz
  12. my laptop is named THICC-BOI lol I know the name sound stupid but it's an alienware and man is the thing thicc
  13. here is my sugestion, get something cheap, something that will get th job done but something that you will not be heart broken if it gets stolen or destroyed. personaly I bring an alienware to my school but I feel nervous all the time with it, macs if you an get a used on of of ebay or something are great to.
  14. you might just have a faulty port man, but try useing just the one monitor on the hdmi, other times it can be the laptop not letting you do it for example I have to use a hot key on ay alienware to allow several monitors. another thing that you can do is go to you nvidia desktop maneger and see if it recognises that the display is there if not then it should just be a bad port if it does say that it is there then it is quite straight forward from there. best of luck man