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  1. So I would adjust fire on the challenge to find out what absolutely cannot be sourced from outside China. Ideal = Build a complete system where all parts are not manufactured in china and do not use chinese parts - this included Case and all components of the PC as well as all Inputs and Outputs If a component cannot be made without parts from china state why or what cannot be sourced - Even if a 100% no Chinese parts PC cannot be made it would be very interesting to find out what it is that can only be sourced from China. Expected outcome - a full PC that can run a modern operating system and at least play games on steam. I would say those games would not even have to be fully 3d.
  2. So we aren't quite as lost as you think here. I use to collect mainframes (the wife made me stop and get rid of them. dark times) but the I and E series chips aren't made in China. While they are RISC chips they are stupid fast RISC chips and it may be possible to turn a I or E 5+ into a gaming PC well a linux one at least. Many companies in the US still make processors they just are CISC processors.
  3. I would be interested to know what could be created. Many items are made elsewhere but they may not be top of the line. I know that there are a lot of eastern european manufactures and Korea still makes some components. In America they still have vendors for all american made components for the military. It may not be the best there ever was but it would be crazy interesting to see a computer without china.
  4. I would love to know if it can even be done. Where would you source the parts?? It would be a hell of an accomplishment.
  5. Like the headline says. I challenge you to produce a PC made with no chinese manufactured parts at all.
  6. AMD 3600 AS Rock B450M Steel Series 64gb Ballistix GTX 980 ThermalTake 1200w LTT Limited Edition Noctua Razer Chroma stuff 49" Samsung CRG90 Aero AR-308 Custom AR-15