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  1. That is something I have, when I use it, my microphone stops working though, unsure why
  2. Audiosplitter 2 came with the headset, didnt realise so bought the other, both 3.5mm female to two 3.5mm males
  3. Okay so my headset with a mic is a four pin 3.5mm, male, my pc has 3 ports, I've had an audio splitter for a while worked fine, today I came home, my mic is not working so I unplug it, plug the 3.5mm directly into the mic socket, I test my mic and it works, I have a second audio splitter, I try that one, mic doesn't work but sound does, same as the other. So Audio Splitter 1, only audio Audio Splitter 2, only audio Directly plug into each port, it works but cannot use my mic and my headset, Any ideas? Headset: https://www.razer.com/gaming-audio/razer-kraken-for-console