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  1. https://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/R1YDHZO7FNXRH3/
  2. It's been cleared already, the rocket did not switch to a cheaper controller
  3. It's actually $108, and you seem to be mistaken. It's cheaper than both newegg and B&H
  4. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07LGF54XR/ Forgot code 09FO8U6Q
  5. 7T is C$587 on Ali, its C$699 at Swiftronics 7 Pro is C$700 on Ali, C$799 at Swiftronics
  6. Are these the Global or the US version? The prices makes me suspicious that this is a grey market import. Edit: Looks like this is grey market import, they've been reported selling Singaporean Samsungs. You might as well get them from Aliexpress yourself, given that they have better consumer protection. OnePlus 7T for $435 OnePlus 7T Pro for $635 OnePlus 7 Pro for $520
  7. https://www.amazon.com/AMD-Ryzen-3600X-12-Thread-Processor/dp/B07SQBFN2D Removed forum referral link per rules. Free shipping too.
  8. Intel has announced their new Xe series GPGPUs built on the 7nm node, coming 2021. Below is from Wikichips article: Furthermore, the slides indicate that this will be sitting at the top end of the Xe product stack, with 2 other different uArch that will be targeted at entry-level and mid level gaming, high-end gaming and workstations. This seems to me to indicate that Intel is well on their way to achieving scale production of the 7nm node, given the promise that has been made to several major OEMs as well as Cray. Should be interesting to see the consumer GPUs coming out next year. https://www.anandtech.com/show/15120/intels-2021-exascale-vision-in-aurora-two-sapphire-rapids-cpus-with-six-ponte-vecchio-gpus https://fuse.wikichip.org/news/3029/sc19-aurora-supercomputer-to-feature-intel-first-exascale-xe-gpgpu-7nm-ponte-vecchio/
  9. It doesn't exactly affect any consumer workload when left unpatched.....
  10. DarkWorld

    $89 Redmi 8a

    Banggood emailed this to me yesterday, should be good for the next couple of hours until the sale ends Use the code BGD118A at checkout. Full disclosure: 2 links below, one is an affiliate link, the other is the sanitised version. Mods: Please delete affiliate link if it isn't allowed, or notify me and I'll remove it. (wasn't sure since affiliate is not referral) LINK