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  1. I will give that a try thanks for the suggestion
  2. Today I've been trying to reset my windows because it has been running slow recently and when cleaning my boot drive via Diskpart in the windows installer I noticed that it wasn't Disk 0 as it had always been. I can not remember an instance over the years and the many times I reset my windows when my boot drive wasn't Disk 0. Upon installing Windows to my SSD which was Disk 2 and restarting my PC it told me that there was no OS installed. Trying to boot into my SSD via Boot Override in my BIOS didn't help because I got presented with the same message. Does anyone know what to do here? Google sure wasn't that helpful...
  3. This error message appears every time on startup by the way.
  4. Hey so I've been getting these weird error messages for a while now seemingly out of nowhere. I am not saying that I didn't install anything that caused them to happen but I cannot remember any of that at least. The error message just tells me that something with an InstallWizard is causing it and that I have to make sure I close all running InstallWizards before continuing. The full error message is as follows: "error code: -5001 : 0x80070002 error information: >setup.cpp (142) papp: pvendor: pguid: $21.0.351 @windows 8.1 / server 2012 r2 service pack 0 (9600) ie version: 9.11.18362.0" I cannot even figure out the origin of the error since the message doesn't mention any of that. Not even right clicking on the Tab lets me open the file location or anything similar. A quick google search told me that it had something to do with Windows updates which seemed weird to me ... but whatever. I also followed a few instructional videos on youtube which all lead to nothing from what I can gather. I don't mind closing the error message every time I boot up but I figured that there is a chance that there is actually something wrong that is worth fixing. Thanks for all your guys' help in advance.
  5. Yes, I activated XMP because I actually get memory errors when I don't have it enabled.
  6. I am using the cooler the CPU came with so no, I haven't overclocked it. Edit: Also I am scared of updating my bios because I don't want to do anything wrong and brick my mobo
  7. Let me see if chrome fixes it brb Edit: I mean...it kind of seems to be working. I guess I'll just change browsers as well
  8. That's quite disappointing then. I thought buying a CPU with a hell of a lot of cores would make it so exactly that doesn't happen but oh well. Thanks for your help.
  9. I mainly use opera because it doesn't close all tabs upon closing the program and/or shutting down the PC. Also the gaming news section of Opera GX is nice
  10. I just checked with HWMonitor and it still shows that one thread is at 100% and literally every single other thread is chilling at a cool ~5% and Opera is still freezing up like its running on a Raspberry Pi
  11. Hey guys, so I am running a Ryzen 7 3800X with 32GB of ram and an RTX 2070 Super which I would consider very solid specs but I feel like my computer doesn't like utilizing those 16 threads. Every time I open up a game and look at task manager I see that only a few threads are utilized and the majority is just sitting at 5-10%. Is it just a coincidence that Opera and every game I start up are running on the same cores or am I missing something. Why doesn't opera run on a core that normally doesn't get used frequently? Do I have to configure that manually? If so how do I do that?
  12. Yes, adding a 2TB HDD would also give you the ability to use StoreMI connecting the HDD with the 250GB SSD essentially creating a fast 2TB game library.
  13. My eyes can't tell the difference between them so I would say going with a gsync compatible one and saving a few bucks is always worth it imo
  14. I cannot recommend the AOC Agon AG241QG enough. It is such a consistent monitor with good color accuracy and of course gsync. I got mine used like new for 320ish used so I don't know for how much you can get one completely new but I'm pretty sure there is a cheaper model with almost exactly the same specs that is "only" gsync compatible.