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  1. Hello, I'm in process of building SFF PC in SilverStone SG13(mesh front version) case. I'm not sure which cooler to choose to cool Ryzen R5 3600, height is limited to 81mm(I will use SFX PSU that gives additional 20mm to standard 61mm cooler height), and air cooler would face 'back' of SF600, so it will not be used as exhaust. I won't be doing overclocking now, probably in year or two. Specs: R5 3600 MSI B450I Gaming plus AC SG13 My choice of cooler boils down to: Shadow Rock LP @ 37 EUR NH-L12S @ 51 EUR Arctic Liquid Freezer II 120 @ 50 EUR In case of first two, I will install NF-P12 as front fan as intake. Also there will be NF A9x14 side fan as exhaust ( There is no place for this fan on side, but I saw people mount it with zip ties on side and it works fine there). I'm looking for one that will give best performance noise ratio, I would like it to be as quiet as possible. I'm not sure about Arctic, It's fairly new and I can't find any reviews about performance and noise. Which one should I choose from these? Any other near 50 EUR mark?